Two on Tuesday!

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1. What is your favorite “cheat” meal? I *try* to give myself at least one “cheat” meal a week where I can eat whatever I want and lately it’s been MODPizza! I am pretty obsessed with their pizzas. My second choice would be tacos with chicken, sour cream, guacamole, etc.

2. SnapChat or Instagram Stories? Which do you prefer?  I guess we could put Facebook stories in here too, but I don’t know anyone that actually uses them. LOL! Of these two I am not actually sure which I prefer to use? I like to watch Instagram stories more just because of the way it auto plays between different people you follow.

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Anie

    *popcorn* is mine, tho I dont do it all the time. Most often I go get a hotdog ?
    Instagram by default. I dont SnapChat…

  2. Lia

    1. Literally just a bowl of guac and a huge bag of lime flavored tortilla chips. Maybe add a beer to that.
    2. Snapchat for sure. I’m really not a fan of this thing where Facebook tries to be everything. I also don’t love the IG multi-pic thing but at least it (usually) keeps people from posting each individual picture of their vacation on Insta. I feel like Insta is for one picture to capture a moment. If you want a bunch of pictures- make an album on Facebook. And if you want your nonsense to disappear in a day, post it on SnapChat. Let every network be its own thing.

  3. Hayley

    You can autoplay on Snapchat too. Just tap the “circle” part of their story (as opposed to the name). Tap all of the ones you want to view, and there will be a purple play button on the bottom of the screen that will play all of them for you 🙂

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