Friday’s Letters 3

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Dear The Lions, Now that I have purchased a t-shirt, you need to have a good season. LOL!!!

Dear Texas, Stay Safe!

Dear Teacher Assignment Letters, Please come in the mail today!

Dear Headaches, I hate you.

Dear The Gong Show, I had high hopes for you, but I’m just not feeling it.

Dear Bella, You are the best snuggler!

Dear The Partner Push-Up Workout, Yeah, you are not as easy as you look.  B and I were cracking up trying though.

Dear Spark, I am sorry I skipped you the other morning.  I now realize what a mistake that was and I will not do it again. #sotired






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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  • Britney

    My parents had an older couple from Michigan in their antique shop a couple days ago while I was there helping out and the man said he would like to stay during the hurricane just to see what it was like and my dad just looked at each other and chuckled. However, in the next breath he said he couldn’t wait to get out of a Texas because it’s too hot and humid! He was so funny!
    We’re all good, girl! This ain’t our first rodeo! 😉

  • Zelene

    We are hoping it does not get very awful in Houston, but just in case gas tank full and bottled water ready, the shopping yesterday was crazy for everything but I waited until this morning and went to Traders and they had everything including water and not crazy lines.
    Now we need to decide what show we can binge watch over the weekend ?