Friday’s Letters

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Dear Window Shopping (like actual shopping for windows), Why are you so hard?  Why is it so hard for someone to show us an actual window?  So far only 1 out of 3 places has shown us the actual window.  #fail.

Dear Target, This Christmas clearance is lasting forever!  I think I am stocked up on slippers and pjs for life now though.

Dear L and W, Lucky kids!  You got a “cold day” today!  I swear, this never happened when I was a kid, but it also is way too cold for kiddos to walk to school / wait at a bus stop (-20+ with the windchill).

Dear Science Olympiad, I am very confused by you.  Perhaps this workshop I am supposed to attend tomorrow will give me some clarity on what the heck I am doing.

Dear The Dogs, I know, it’s cold out, but it’s probably not good to freeze in place 5 feet from the door and just stand there.  Run in the house silly dogs!

Dear Ice Skating, I love that you will be back on my tv soon!


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