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Dear My Mom, The boys and I had fun yesterday!  Thanks!

Dear The Gap and CrewCuts, Thank you (or maybe not) for having the most amazing deals at your outlets.  70% off GAP Activewear?  An additional 40% off clearance stuff?  Don’t mind if I do!

Dear L, I am amazed by how responsible you are being with your expander!  Just wow!!!

Dear My Energy Usage App, Uhh, I am kind of obsessed with you.  You tell me how much money I am spending on electricity each day and sometimes I like what I see.  And sometimes (when it’s 95 degrees out), I do not! Ouch!

Dear My Dad, Of course I know where to take a cell phone when the screen shatters!  I have no idea how people make it 10+ years without shattering at least one phone screen.  Hats off to those who have!

Dear My Dogs, I don’t know what I would do without you!  Listening to you bark at the FedEx / UPS / Mailman everyday does get a tad annoying, but it’s totally worth it!

Dear The Boys, Have the best time seeing The Emoji movie today!  I’ll admit it, I am jealous.  I want to see it too!


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  1. Courtney

    My son (7 years) has to get an expander. I am super nervous. How is L doing? I thought that 7 was young for an expander!!

    1. Jennifer

      They are starting orthodontics so young now!!! L is doing great! He has a permanent one in the top and a removable one in the bottom. The first few weeks he was pretty hard to understand when he talked because of all that “stuff” in his mouth. It’s 100z better now though and he’s used to having it in. It doesn’t hurt to get put in (according to him), but is just kind of weird. He’s really good at keeping track of his removable expander and case, doing the turns he’s supposed to do, etc.

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