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Dear Friday’s Letters (and all other posts), It’s been a minute,  but I’m back!

Dear New Windows, I already love you!

Dear New York Times, Your articles always show up in my Facebook feed, yet I can only read 10 of you a month.  I want to read you all, but I also don’t want to pay, so…..

Dear The Olympics, I will miss you!

Dear Spanx Leggings, You are everything.

Dear thredUp, I was really excited to get that sweatshirt I bought last week.  Too bad it’s actually a Size 2 (not an 8) and I am NOT.  LOL!!!

Dear Apple Watch, I am going to close all my rings this month – no matter what!

Dear Potholes, Wow, you are no joke this year!!!  Ack!

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  1. Amber M

    I got a pair of the spanx leggings in my Trendsend. I liked how they held everything in but they were almost too restrictive. They also were too pricey for me. I missed your posts all week!

    1. Jennifer

      The first time I tried them on I wondered if I’d be able to move, but they actually got more comfortable! And I swear, my thighs have never looked smaller! Regular posts should be back on now! I was out of town!

      1. Amber M

        Oh ok. I hope you had fun!
        I’ll have to give them another chance.

  2. Jodie Kingsbury

    Yay the daily posts are back. So glad. Kinda sounds like I’m a stalker. I’m really not I just love reading blogs in the morning before my work day starts.
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! It feels good to be missed!

  3. Amber Y

    Did you get the leather spanx leggings or a different kind? Missed your posts!

    1. Jennifer

      I got the leather spanx ones!!!

      1. Amber Y

        I need to try them!

  4. Jennifer Davis

    I hear that the ?assets? leggings from target are awesome.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I need to try! Thanks for the recommendation!

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