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Dear Target, You win, I hit up the Valentine’s Day clearance. I waited till it was 90% off though, so maybe I won?

Dear B, I hope we are still talking this weekend after you hang up my gallery wall with me ;).

Dear The Real World, Have you ever had an episode without a fight? For real. There are some angry people in the real world obviously!

Dear Michigan State, Things are looking up! A few weeks ago I wasn’t sure you’d make the tournament and now I feel like you are going to make a run!

Dear L and WB, I love how you two are becoming so tight! I think you two actually LIKE hanging out with each other. PLEASE let it stay this way.

Dear ipsy, My Glam bag isn’t here yet, so stop sending me e-mails telling me it’s time to review my products!  But I do love how many new reward items you have been putting up!

Dear “Pancake Art”, I see people on Facebook creating these amazing characters out of pancake batter and they make it look SO easy.  However, it’s not.  It just not.  At all.  Don’t be fooled!

Dear Flip-Flop Weather, Listen, you can’t get here soon enough.  This -15 stuff is for the birds.  The fuzzy birds who can stay warm. It’s just too cold for the rest of us, including my dogs, who HATE this.

Dear emojis, Who thinks of you?  Can you talk to whoever made you and get some new ones? We need some fresh stuff!


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  1. Alicia

    Can’t wait for flip flop weather! The -20 degree weather needs to go. Oh and the 5ft of snow can melt too. Can’t wait to see your Target haul!! Unfortunately I did not get to Target for their Valentine’s Clearance 🙁 Will definitely have to go for the Easter Clearance!

  2. Jenny

    M just took C to preschool and N just woke up so once he really gets moving we are heading to Target. I can’t wait to get out of this house. LOL
    oh I want to see your gallery wall. Did you buy new things or use stuff you already had?
    Very random but I keep getting tracking on usps but they do not tell you who the package is from which is very annoying. If they can send me the tracking why can’t they tell me who sent the package especially if it was a business or print from home. I understand if it was done in the post office but really most of mine are companies so why can’t I know. And speaking of that I feel like more and more are adding that tracking that I’ve never gotten before. For example my shespeaks sample came with tracking. I’ve never had tracking for samples before. LOL

    1. Traci

      I find it odd that you are not getting who your package is from. I use UPS, like I have an account just so I know when I have something coming, and it always tells me who is sending it. If you have a UPS account, just the simple free one, and you log in, usually you can see who sends them. Same with Fedex and USPS. I know with USPS in the email it doesn’t tell me, I have to go to the site and log in to find out.

      1. Jenny

        Well that would be to smart. I have an account with usps but I never log in to check tracking I just look at the emails. LOL With UPS and FedEx its in the email link so I never thought about clicking the USPS one. Now to go and see if it works for me too.

  3. Stacie

    Ugh, this cold needs to end. And the snow too. Here in CT it just snows and is below zero every day. I mean, if I wanted to live in Alaska, I would move there!
    And I agree with the emojis (emojii?)! I was searching for one that doesn’t exist the other day, but now I can’t remember what it was…

  4. shawna

    Ugh, I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification for my ipsy, and my BB shipped on the SIXTH and is still not here yet. On the 20th. Come on, people!

  5. HH

    First off, thank you for introducing me to after-holiday sales! It had never occurred to me that these were a thing.

    Yesterday, I got a couple of really cute mugs for like $0.74 each, some toddler plates for about the same price, and a decorative bowl for $1.50. Not a huge haul, but I’m happy.

  6. HeatherP

    Flip flops! I think even tho its cold some people have no let it deter them from wearing flip flops. I have seen it with my own two eyes!!!
    And dear frenchbox, do not let this poorly curated feb box be the beginning to the end :/ i enjoy it too much!!!!

  7. Geneiveve

    I scoped out the Valentine’s day leftovers on Valentine’s day and the offerings were too pathetic here to bother with the clearance. I miss the days when stores ordered too much. But if someone knows of a REALLY good Target to get after holiday clearance, please let me know!

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