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~Happy Sunday!  As usual I am lifting Jen’s Sunday Sentiments and making it mine tonight.

~Good evening! It’s Oscar night and I am pumped! I have only watched a few of the movies nominated, but I love the excitement of it all. And I love to see what everyone is wearing of course.  So far I am loving all these dresses.  Everyone looks amazing!

~Is it freezing where you are at?  It’s been “nice” here these past few days (by nice I mean like 25 degrees), but that’s ending tonight. I’ll be surprised if L has school tomorrow.  It’s going to be just too cold. We went grocery shopping today (it was bananas), the kids and I made cookies this afternoon and B made a big pot of chili, so we are all set.  Bring on a “snow” day!

~I finished the gallery wall in my office this weekend!  With B’s help that is.  I have been picking up prints here and there (mainly from TJ Maxx & Home Goods) that I like for a while now so I started to work on my layout yesterday.  I put them all out on the floor and moved them around a bunch of times until I came up with something I liked.  Then I grabbed an giant roll of old wrapping paper and cut out the shapes of all the pictures (a huge thank you to everyone who suggested this).  I hung all the cut-outs up with washi tape (it sticks, but not too much) so I could really see how everything fit on the wall.  I learned that what looks like a TON of pictures on your floor doesn’t look like a ton on the wall!  And then today B hung them all up for me.  It worked out really well because he knew exactly what I wanted where and just had to make sure they were level.  I didn’t worry at all about the spacing between the pictures and figure this will let me swap out pictures if I want.  I am super happy with how it all turned out!

Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall – in Progress
Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

~Two totally unrelated things I am loving right now 1) Thin Mint Yankee Candle Girl Scout Cookie Candle.  OMG it smells so good.  It’s seriously just like a Thin Mint cookie.  Better really because it lasts longer!  and 2) Chobani Kids Pouches!  I came across these today at Kroger and was thrilled.  L LOVES yogurt pouches and he loves Greek yogurt, so to finally have the two together is awesome.  He says they are fabulous too.

Things I am Loving
Things I am Loving

~In case you missed it earlier, the PopSugar Must Have box site is back up!  If you need to check your account, cancel before you get billed for March, subscriber for March, change your address, etc. you can do it now!  And if you ordered the February French Box, do not use the beauty items and make sure you check out their e-mail / Facebook post about the issues with this month.  Hopefully they get that fixed for everyone ASAP!

That’s it for now!  Are you watching the Oscars?


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  1. Andrea Karwandy

    It was -44C (-47F) here this morning! Hoping this doesn’t stick around for long. Love your office!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhhh, that is insane!

  2. Jenny

    Oh my I love your gallery wall!!! Now I need to get working on mine.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Jordan

    I love the thin mint candle! I thought it would smell gross, because usually chocolate-scented candles smell totally fake, but it really does smell like the real thing!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s like an exact match!

  4. Stacie

    Your wall looks great! Love the lips!
    It’s been so cold here too. But the weather is crazy! This morning it was snowing, but by 1 it was actually really warm (35!) and sunny! And now it’s 17. Ice everywhere. Ugh. So done with winter!

    1. Jennifer

      Isn’t that funny that we think 35 is “really warm”?? LOL!!

  5. karen

    Your wall looks great!!! Was nice here yesterday but cold and windy again today. Have a great week.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! Have they canceled school at all due to the cold there?

  6. Nicole

    Oh the joys of living in west Texas – high 70’s Friday and high 20’s/low 30’s today!

    1. Jennifer

      I hear you guys have a mess down there!

  7. Wanica

    Two things,1. I called O and friends box and told them about you & MSA as my “go to blogs” for subs. i told them you haven’t apparently received one which might be good because the MSA is like do not buy. The staff hadn’t heard of either site but was excited( could hear her calling people over)with the info and promised to pass up the chain and things would get better. Don’t know if you would be interested but you might want to call and reinforce my endorsement of getting your view on their sub.

    2. If you know of anyone with a Fitbit, i really want to find one to trade,buy,etc one and i have pages of trades over at MSA Just let me knowl.

    1. Wanica

      Love the dec pics, I had just asked for ideas and wall they appeared. Wonder if a smallwall would lsilde with no glass frames, to hand all my jewelry,and maybe scarves and nail poilsj..

    2. Jennifer

      I will keep an eye out!!

  8. Chrissy

    Your gallery wall looks amazing! I’m completely inspired!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  9. Wendy m

    I love how the pineapples (wall art & pillow) and the orange zig-zag pillow all tie in together. The whole room is adorable!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  10. laura r

    It’s been in the 70’s/80’s (F) here lately with a few days in the 60’s. So nice. It’s supposed to rain today and I’m looking forward to that. I lived in WI last winter (Nov 2013-April 2014 aka polar vortex) and loved every second of it, except when it was -50 with windchi?l.

    1. Jennifer

      I am cool with winter, but when it’s that cold it’s just not fun anymore!

  11. Joi

    I’m so digging the wall. Your office is so darn cute!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  12. Lara

    Whoa that “French” Box is bad!! As somehow who is half French I’m embarassed by the product selection and as someone who loves subscription boxes that is a BAD box!
    I’m currently in Texas visitin and it’s cold! But I know it’s still warmer than Michigan which I go back to in a few days.

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