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MondayMorningRamblings-1024x1010-1~Good morning!  Today was supposed to be L’s first day back to school from winter break, but he got a “Snow Day” because it’s so flipping cold here.  I think the general rule is if the wind chill is below -20 degrees, they cancel.  It’s just too cold for the kiddos at the bus stop and the kids who walk.

Pretty Much!
Pretty Much!

~I don’t know that I have a ton of boxes coming this week, but I am expecting bluum, For the FaithfulFrenchBox (it’s not moving yet, but from the sounds of it I am not missing anything), Hammock Pack, Hazel LaneKiwi Crate, Little Lace Box and Socialbliss Style Box for sure.  I am really excited to see what’s in this month’s Little Lace Box!  I can never guess from their themes!

~Now to the good stuff! The Oscars!  I thought everyone looked fabulous!  J. Lo can do no wrong in my book.  She’s just absolutely stunning.  I thought Anna Kendrick nailed her entire look too.  She looked fantastic.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s dress (and rubber gloves), but when she sang The Sound of Music?  OMG.  That was more than impressive.  I don’t know what the “critics” are saying, but I liked Neil Patrick Harris.  The opening number was awesome.  And I laughed at the tighty whities.  I thought it was a great show.  A little long of course, but that’s normal.

The Oscar Dresses!
The Oscar Dresses!

~All recent Giveaway (Valentine’s Giveaway, Random Acts of Kindness, Birchbox Liptastic Kit, etc) winners have been e-mailed and are posted on the original giveaway page(s).  I am hoping to hear back from everyone by tomorrow so I can get all the prizes in the mail.  I’ll have another giveaway up soon too (not sure what it’ll be yet), so if you didn’t win this round, there will be more chances!

~The Beauty Event is going on at Neiman Marcus right now, so if you are running out of one of your favorite products and need to restock, it’s time! You get a free tote + samples if you spend $125+ and individual brands also have free gifts if you purchase a certain amount from them.  There are gifts from La Mer, Bobbi Brown, NarsTata Harper, Clinique, Glamglow, Orla Keily – pretty much everyone. Make sure you go through ebates to get your 8% cash back too!

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

That’s all for now! How was your weekend? What do you have going on this week?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting this week?


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  1. Amanda

    I was hoping to be expecting Little Lace box, but no shipping notice yet. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Did you see the Facebook post about how it’s delayed? I hope it still makes it by the end of the week!

  2. Stacie

    Ugh, this arctic weather is torture! I wish I could take the day off like L! I’m hoping March decides to turn into a lamb in the first week… This weekend was absolute torture on the farm. With the cold, snow, and ice, my machinery wasn’t working, the barn doors froze shut… It was stressful to say the least. Hopefully this week will be easier. Only flurries on Wed and they’re thinking our next weekend storm might not happen. Fingers crossed as we’ve had a winter storm every weekend for the last 5 weeks.
    I fell asleep last night right before all the good awards were given out! Can you believe it? Missed all the highlights. Sheesh. I had no idea Lady Gaga could sing like that! I mean, I knew she had a great voice and all, but WOW! Amazing.
    I think I’ve gotten all of this month’s subs already. Ipsy was great as usual, and my new favorite is Blueberry Cove beads. I reviewed the most recent edition on my blog yesterday if you’re curious!
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh! That does sound like a rough week! It’s been just brutal here! We have all this snow and no one can play it in because it’s just too cold!

  3. PA Anna

    Jennifer – Did you receive a tracking number for LLB?
    Everyone – Did anyone get charged yet for LLB? I haven’t.

    Based off of what Jennifer wrote I should be expecting For the Faithful, LLB, and Kiwi Crate – none have tracking numbers. I am expecting Splendies and Loot Crate. Maybe the Non-GMO box which was assigned a tracking number last night.

    I’m tired of the cold! I like the dresses that you selected from the Oscars.

    1. Jennifer

      No tracking yet, but the website says it’s shipping between the 20th and the 23rd, so it’s got to get here this week right? I hope so! I get a box to review, but I also bought a box this month. I paid in January thought since it was the first time I subscribed.

      I didn’t get tracking on For the Faithful, but I can see them in my FedEx online tracking! Same with Kiwi Crate!

  4. Jenny

    Morning!!! The Oscars were good eventhough they make for a rough Monday morning. LOL I also think they always run about 30 min over so why not just schedule it that way. Of course then it would still run 30 min over and we’d be looking at an even longer show. Hmmm Dresse were beautiful and I love Jlo but I wasn’t loving her eyes. They were a little too red all around them or something. A little off to me.
    We went to school today but it is a wet mess and they are calling for more snow and ice tomorrow so we shall see if the trend continues. I was just glad after them being home all last week that I get a morning to catch up on things this morning.

    1. Jennifer

      I was kind of hoping her eyes didn’t just photograph well! I noticed they looked very red in the pre show too. She’s so stunning!

  5. PA Anna

    Jennifer – LLB updated their facebook with a shipping update

    Happy Monday LLB Subscribers! February boxes will be shipped out later this week and were delayed to the unforeseen extreme weather conditions in the Northeast. Because we really care about our artisans/designers and the high level of products they create, we decided to push back a few days so we can deliver to you, the best of the best! Thank you for your support!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahhh, how will we wait extra days! The anticipation is too much!

  6. Kayla Marie

    I recorded the oscars and forgot to add extra time 🙁 I only was able to watch until Eddie Murphy began presenting awards 🙁

  7. nina

    I am expecting a new box this week! Have you looked into Cairn? it’s filled with random outdoorsy type things for hiking or camping or anything else you wanna do! pretty excited to get my hands on it 🙂

  8. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I had hoped to be able to see all of the nominated films this year..but that didn’t happen. Maybe next year! lol I did see “Selma” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and liked them both, I am not a Lady Gaga fan but did like her tribute…Julie Andrews coming out made me cry. I loved John Legend & Common’s performance of “Glory” and I was so happy they won. I thought Neil started strong but ended weak..It’s a hard show to host. I think Tina Fey & Amy Poehler should try it at least once! I thought John Travolta with Idina Menzel started off funny but just got creepy with John stroking her face…lol

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