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~Good morning! It’s Winter Break for L this week so he’s off, but it’s so cold here that there is no way he would have had school anyway! We went to a new aquarium in the area yesterday and the kids loved it.  L more than WB, but WB was into it too.  I’m not too sure what we’ve got going on today, but it’s certainly nothing that involves being outside.

The Boys!
The Boys!

~I still haven’t hit up Target’s Valentine’s Day clearance, but I believe it’s still 70% off at most stores right now.  The Brickseek Target Inventory Checker now has prices, so you can easily see if your store is 70% or 90% off!  Just go here and enter your zip code and a Valentines clearance DPCI (it doesn’t matter what – you are just checking prices – “200-09-0362” is for a Valentine’s day travel mug)! If it’s $2.4 it’s 70% off, $0.8 means it’s 90% off!  There are some lego packs, Hot Wheels and Crayola packs I am hoping to find at 90% off, but that’s about it this year.

~Did you see that Jimmy Fallon paired up with Ben & Jerry’s for a new ice-cream flavor? It’s called “The Tonight Dough” and sounds like maybe it’s the most amazing ice-cream ever!

Tonight Dough Ice-Cream
Tonight Dough Ice-Cream

~I found some great prints at TJ Maxx / Home Goods recently and have big plans to redo the gallery wall in my office and on the staircase. B has requested that I “draw him a picture” of how I want everything hung up.  I’m planning on laying everything out on the floor to get an idea of how to arrange everything.  Any other tips?

~Do you have a Five Below near you?  If so you need to grab some of these Revo Chap-Ice Lip balms. They are like mini EOS balms and they are awesome.  And this pack is only $3.  The doughnut candles are from Home Goods.  They smell so good!  I wish I could find some of the other scents.

Lip Balm
Lip Balm

~I’ve still got an assortment of boxes coming this week including BabeBoxxbluumCitrus Lane, FrenchBoxipsy (my ipsy is clearly taking the LONG way this month), Koala Crate, Loot Crate, Petit VourPhone Case of the Month and one or two more I can’t think of off the top of my head.

That’s all from here.  What’s going on this weekend?  Are you planning on watching the Oscars?


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  1. cindy

    Glad u got out our way to the aquarium..there was a target right there…lol

  2. HeatherP

    My French Box is due today. Im excited to see whats in it! And Petit Vour. But i have not gotten a ship notice yet. Maybe im later in the month since i signed up the end of last. In NJ we have had so many snow days and delayed openings im wondering what it will do to the spring break. Im sure we will have alot fewer days.

  3. Bobbi

    I figure out wall placement by taking paper cut to the size of the frames and taping them to the wall. Lets me move them around on the wall to find the perfect placement.

  4. Jessica

    I use tissue paper to cut a stencil the same size as all the pieces I want to hang and then arrange the tissue pieces on the wall with tape. Makes it super easy! Just make sure you label which piece corresponds with which frame 🙂

  5. Melissa

    I just want to say that I love how positive this blog is. Jen is so nice and her followers and commenters are really nice. I love reading this blog and all the comments from everyone because it makes me feel cheerful. On some of the other subscription box blogs the commenters can be so nasty or even angry(!!) about the boxes, etc. This blog makes me happy.

    1. Jodie KIngsbury

      Melissa, I feel the same way.

      Jennifer– We are finally getting a full Home Goods store on the West side of MI. Im hoping to go on Sunday. If I find those candles, I’ll message you.

      1. Jennifer

        Yes! Let me know!

  6. stephanie

    Thanks for the brickseek link. I never knew it existed. Here is the DPCI for the Lego for V-day 204-00-0459. My store says is has 36 on hand. It is probably correct because there were a ton at the register displays a few days ago. Although I went yesterday and they had redone all the register displays and Legos are no longer up there. I have no idea where they went I looked. Guess I am going to have to ask someone when they go 90%. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Jennifer

      Let me know if you find them! Mine said it had like 40, but I couldn’t find any!

  7. raisin

    I may be the only person in America who doesn’t watch awards shows. I used to but I just can’t seem to care enough… until the day after. I mean its always like that. I regret not watching lol. But I normally use Sunday’s to catch up on other TV I missed during the week and the Walking Dead is back!!!

    1. Sneaky Burrito

      Not only do I not watch them, but I don’t care who wins and don’t check the results the next day…

  8. Nicole

    That inventory checker is awesome! Now I’m just annoyed because the Target close to me is still at 70% off and the Target in the town 15 miles aways is at 90%! Get it together, my Target! Why are you behind?? Haha hopefully it’ll be 90% tomorrow when I can make it over there!

  9. Elizabeth

    My Target is at 90% off. Hopefully my husband will be able to head there after work!

  10. Jenny

    I saw Jimmy’s icecream but I’m not sure it could top my favorite phish food 😉

  11. Jenna

    I actually just re-did my wall and what I did was I cut out pieces of paper to scale of the frames I was using and then played around with how I wanted them arranged on a piece of paper that I also had to scale of the wall they were going to be placed on. This will also create a “picture” for B. 🙂 Good luck!!

  12. Sara

    They sell those ReVo balms at Walgreens around here too! And Dollar Tree sometimes! 🙂

  13. Alecia

    I got my French box today…..not my favorite box from them.

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