Friday’s Letters 2

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Dear Michigan State, It’s game day! Let’s go!

Dear My Bracket, Well, you are already a disaster.  As usual.

Dear Parallel Parking, You continue to be one of my biggest challenges in life.  Okay, not really, but it’s close.

Dear Toys R Us, I’m sad to see you go, but I get it.  I didn’t shop at TRU a ton either.

Dear Target, When is the Hunter lookbook coming out? I’m so ready!

Dear Snow, STOP IT.  You don’t have to flurry every day.  You just don’t.

Dear People Who Work Out at 5am, You are amazing.  I have no idea how you do it, but I’m in awe.

Dear POPSUGAR, How about a spoiler for the first every quarterly box?  I think we are all ready for one!

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  • Sandy

    Ha !! I work out at 530am — I get up at 4:35, get dressed, stretch etc and get to the gym by 5:20ish… and stay for an hour. I’ve been doing it weekdays for 7+ years now so it’s not that hard anymore but it was rough in the beginning…. BUT I feel great after, i have great energy, and my day (after work) is my own. Admittedly, I do drink a pre-workout caffeinated beverage while I’m there. =)