Target (In-Store) Beauty Box Giveaway (CLOSED)

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Target Beauty Boxes - Now in Store!!!

It’s giveaway time! As promised, I am giving away a complete set of the new in-store Target Beauty Boxes (1 winner will receive them all). Boxes are $7/each, and include the following:

All the Masks
Target Beauty Boxes - Now in Store!!!

~Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Mask
~Que Bella Multi-Mask Trio
~Yes To Carrots and Kale Single Use Paper Mask
~Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask
~St. Ives Soothing Sheet Mask

Wakeup and Makeup

Target Beauty Boxes - Now in Store!!!
~Sonia Kashuk Brush Cleansing Wipes
~e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush
~e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Face Palette
~Dove Dry Spray Invisible Sheer Fresh
~Dove Dry Shampoo-Coconut
~Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara 785 Extreme Black
~Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

Treat Yourself

Target Beauty Boxes - Now in Store!!!
~Bodycology Free & Lovely Coconut & Rose Body Butter
~Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath
~ME!Bath Bath Bomb
~Luxe by Mr. Bubble Bath Meltaway
~Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia
~Olay Regenerist Whips
~Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

Be You(tiful)

Target Beauty Boxes - Now in Store!!!
~e.l.f. Gotta Glow Lip Tint in Perfect Pink
~Simple Water Boost Micellar Makeup Remover Eye Pads
~Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo
~Nexxus Keraphix Conditioner
~L’Oreal Pure Clay Cleanser – Detofixy and Brighten
~OLLY Beauty Vitamin
~Sinful Nail Color – Galac Sea or Wondermint
~Honest Beauty – Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream

If you want to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter box / widget below (if you can’t see it head here) and make sure to come back every day to enter.

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  1. Jennifer

    I like the idea of them having them in the store. I just hope mine has them, I need to get there and check. Thanks for the give-away!

  2. Amber M

    I like both since I can’t always make it to the store as often as I used to.

  3. Dana Rodriguez

    I think both ways are great. Target isn’t real close to my house so I like having the online option.

  4. WendyM

    Well I like it today since I was planning on the hour drive anyway! But normally it would be a hassle, so I like ordering them online.

  5. Maritza

    I like both options, but online is definitely more convenient.

  6. melissa g

    I like being able to do both.

  7. Gabrielle

    I like having both options, actually, because sometimes I just can’t get to Target.

  8. Kellie

    I can’t wait to go see if my store (s) carry them. It will be fun to pick them up on the spot! Cant wait to see if they have the $3 off coupon the others tend to have!

  9. Ren

    The nearest Target is 320 miles away so I would really like to be able to purchase online.

  10. Rose G.

    In store is AMAZING! I much prefer it.

  11. lori

    I like the idea of buying them at the store but it seems like they might be harder to get since I don’t go into Target very often

  12. Matt

    I prefer online, so I would at least like the option to do that and not have it be in-store only.

  13. Lori

    In store is cool!

  14. Tabitha

    Love the idea of these being available in-store.

  15. Gwendolyn Jordan

    I like both ways of buying the items.

  16. Lanie

    I?d much rather purchase in the store.

  17. Dharshi

    I went to my local Target today and they didn?t have any boxes. I?d like to have both options. Haha!

  18. Turquoise

    I like both. There are two Targets near me but things like this sell out quickly. I like the option of buying them online.

  19. Jennifer Davis

    I would love in store but I just got back from mine and nothing.

  20. Cheryl

    I like the idea of being able to purchase these in-store a lot.

  21. Hayley

    I am nervous about them being in-store, just because they will be much more tempting!

  22. Jenny S.

    I actually prefer to get them online, because it seems more “special” that way. I think getting things in the mail makes things a surprise, even if you know what is in the box. LOL! Plus, I always spend WAY too much in Target!

  23. Allison

    I like the in-store option, but online is so much more convenient!

  24. Nicole Midgley

    If I could only choose one, I would choose online, because I don?t get out to Target that much!

  25. Ashley

    Both are nice! I feel like they will definitely be popular in store as well

  26. Ashley H.

    Online for sure. The closest Target is two hours away! It is neat, though, that they have them where someone could pick them up on a whim and not have to wait on shipping.

  27. Jennifer Scott

    I actually like the idea of both being available in-store, to pickup at a random trip, or online, particularly if you don’t live super close to a Target.

  28. Meagan

    Would love to get these boxes!!!

    1. Meagan

      Would much rather be able to get them online.

  29. Deborah

    I like both options but in store is a good option if my store has any in stock by the time I get there.

  30. Anie

    THANK YOU for the opportunity. Id much rather get them online if possible, wasnt able to get one in store.

  31. Kristen J.

    I’m disabled so I prefer being able to purchase on-line because it’s a hassle for me to get to the store often. As such I didn’t even know they were doing these.

  32. John Smith

    “Do you like the idea of being able to purchase these in-store or do you prefer online?” I like the idea of receiving things in the mail.

  33. Rebecca I.

    I think it’s a great idea to have special in-store boxes occasionally. It introduces the concept to people who may not have been aware of the online version.

  34. Drminniecooper

    I would rather purchase online, too far for me to do a regular store trip.

  35. Valerie M

    I prefer online, I only have one Target 20 or so miles away. I really want these boxes and hate the stress of night finding them.

  36. Tessa

    I wish I could pick these up online! I only have a mini “city” Target in my city that probably wouldn’t have them in-store anyway.

  37. Diane F

    I like being able to do both.

  38. Linda Fleming

    Definitely in-store! I’m much more likely to pick them up in the store than order.

  39. Lin

    Target should make this an online subscription program like all the others. Not sure why they don’t.

  40. Jenn S

    online — i’m lazy!

  41. Kristin

    I do like being able to get them online 🙂

  42. terri s

    both options are good but online is best for me as I don’t live near any Target stores.

  43. Karissa

    I LOVE that they?re available in store.

  44. Lisa Bourlier

    In store works for me!

  45. Karen

    I prefer buying online.

  46. Rosanne

    I prefer to go into the store to buy these items

  47. Rita Sheppard

    I prefer to buy in store not online.

  48. Robin

    I like the ability to do both but most of the time I would use the online option.

  49. Lindsay A.

    I think I would prefer both options! Sometimes it’s just not easy to make it to the store in-person…

  50. Ann Fantom

    I would prefer to purchase this online

  51. Natalie

    I like being able to see the products that come in the boxes in an actual Target store. I go to Target weekly anyway!

  52. Margaret Smith

    I like the ease of purchasing online.

  53. Jo B.

    Either way is fine with me. There’s a Target store fairly close and if it saves on shipping, then I’d go that route.

  54. Susan Smith

    I like both instore and online.

  55. Julie Bickham

    I don’t mind in store but there is no Target near me so online is great!

  56. Jennifer H

    I really like the idea of being able to purchase them in store. Not sure I would go out of my way to locate them, but if I happened to spot them while shopping, I’d pick one up.

  57. Tracy Shafer

    I really don’t have a preference. Both way are fine with me.

  58. lori

    yes, online preferred

  59. Michelle C

    I’ve always purchased online, but I would like to find them in store!

  60. Debbie Erickson

    I am in Target frequently – so in store would be preferable!

  61. Michelle Randall

    I actually like having both options. Sometimes I might forget to order online but if I see it at the store, I will definitely pick it up.

  62. Cynthia C

    I like buying them in store.

  63. jenny

    I personally like to shop in store, to see things in person… but a beauty box has the small sizes of products that you can try out, so it is perfect!

  64. Christina Sparks

    I like in store, I hate the idea of more and more stores closing because people are shopping online.

  65. Claudia Davis

    Online is my way to purchase most things.

  66. gaynell smith

    I love the idea of being able to purchase in store. You don’t have to worry about shipping fees, and the wait. You can go to the store and purchase and leave right out with them. I think its a great idea for in store purchases. I’m happy with this!

  67. Helen

    I actually like the idea because you don’t have to wait for it to ship to you.

  68. Brandy Graham

    I like the option of getting it online. I live in a rural area and the nearest Target is like an hour away.

  69. Danielle marie

    I like both ideas, pick up in store or order online, whatever is more convenient for you.

  70. Karley Moore

    I love to purchase them in store when I need a quick gift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. paige chandler

    I like to order online

  72. Jae Park

    I like shopping online for these, since Target is about 20 minutes from our house. We do enjoy going there in person but not as often as we shop online. TYVM!

  73. Sarah L

    I like online better since I spend too much when I go into a Target store.
    Thanks for the contest.

  74. Michelle H.

    I like the option to do both.

  75. Tara Woods

    I like both options but I prefer to shop online.

  76. Jennifer H.

    I would prefer to buy them in the store.

  77. John H.

    We like to shop in store.

  78. Lisa

    I think it is cool that they can be purchased in store!

  79. Wendy R.

    In store or online, either is good by me! Online is often more convenient though.

  80. Leah Shumack

    I like being able to purchase them in store too!

  81. Theresa D

    I love the idea of having them in the store. I go to Target at least twice a week.

  82. Antoinette M

    I prefer to order online.

  83. Trisha McKee

    I like the thought of purchasing them in-store. I am currently working from home and to get out of the house and go shop around… it does me good!

  84. gala

    Both options are good but in store is best for me

  85. julie l.

    i like being able to get them online, because i don’t live near a Target (its an hour away)

  86. Lauren U

    I like being able to buy in the store.

  87. Nicole Lancaster

    I prefer to buy the Target Beauty Box in store . I like to see the products up close first.

  88. Carolyn Daley

    It depends on what I am looking for. Sometimes shopping online is quick and convenient. Other times it is nice to see things up close and compare products side by side.

  89. Annette

    I prefer online, since the nearest Target isn’t close to me so I don’t get there often.

  90. kathy pease

    I prefer to purchase online

  91. Kayla Klontz

    I love the option to buy these in the store, there’s no subscription needed and it gets me out of the house, at least this would be a fun item to add to my Target cart! These are pretty awesome.

  92. Kate V

    I haven?t been to Target in a couple weeks but I will check it out. Last time I did not see them. This is great as they sell out online fairly quickly.

  93. Becca Peters

    I like the idea of being able to purchase them in store!

  94. Peggy Rydzewski

    I like online with the free shipping. Like getting a surprise in the mail.

  95. Donna porter

    I like both in store and online shopping for items.

  96. Trisha Musgrave

    In store would be nice, in case I want to buy one on a whim and want the stuff right away!

  97. Rochelle

    Both ways work for me. I shop in stores and online with equal frequency.

  98. Cassandra D

    I like the idea of being able to purchase these in the store.

  99. Buddy Garrett

    My wife likes being able to shop online.

  100. Julie Hawkins

    I like online because that is so convenient.

  101. Amy Deeter

    Either one is fine with me, but if i had to pick, i would say online because its a lot easier for me

  102. Meme

    I would love to be able to buy it in the store.

  103. Seyma Bennett

    I would prefer to purchase in store so I can see if it is damaged. Too many times they come delivered and damaged.

  104. AEKZ2

    I prefer online shopping, but I wouldn’t mind going to the store.

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