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~Ahh, this week. It’s been a little more than I expected. LOL! Buddy and his eye, the kids have a ton of things happening at school, my blog randomly going down and then yesterday, I learned that the hot water tank at my rental property (aka my old condo) was leaking everywhere and needed to be replaced. And, of course, I had everything I put off doing until after vacation to do. Does anyone else do that? Just put everything off and pretend like it’ll be easier to do when you get home? I don’t recommend it! Everything is back on track though and I’m ready for this snowstorm that’s supposed to happen today.

~I met my February goal! January’s goal was to run 100 miles and my goal for February was to close all my Rings everyday (meeting my Exercise, Stand and Move goals everyday). It was for sure a challenge some days, but I made it! I don’t know what my goal for March is yet, but I should figure that out soon!

~The Lululemon Outlet in Las Vegas wasn’t quite as great as I was hoping for. I picked up a few tank tops for $39/each, but more because I needed some new tank tops and less because of what a deal they were. A friend of mine happened to go to the Orlando Lululemon Outlet the same day I went to the Vegas one and scored the SAME tank tops for $19. It’s fair to say they set their own pricing!

That’s it from here! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jennifer

    Great job on closing all your rings!! What app do you use to track your exercise/movement each day?

    1. Jennifer

      That’s my apple watch app! It tracks it all for me! I do have to let it know when I started a workout though. I love it!

  2. Cole

    Longest. Week. Ever. Haha. Congrats on closing all your rings!! That is for sure not easy!

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