Friday’s Letters

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Dear B, You are a much better running pacer than I am.  Teach me your ways!

Dear L, What a fun week!  Only 4 days of school this week and one was a field trip?  YES!!!

Dear W, Same for you!  I am looking forward to the farm today!

Dear 90 Day Fiance, I don’t know why, but you aren’t very exciting this season?  Maybe it’s because I already know what a train wreck everyone is?

Dear Pure Barre, 20 classes in 31 days seemed easy, but it was not!  So glad I finished though!

Dear Target, You.look.amzing.  The beauty section remodel?  OMG.  So good.

Dear (my) Costco, Why don’t you have the Blue Apron meal kits???

Dear Grub Hub, When will you start delivering to my house???


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  1. Zelene

    Dear Last Day of School, you came too fast, I cannot believe it ? now we need to get ready for almost 3 months of summer vacation and my planning is nowhere to be seen ?
    On the other hand the kids are happy with all the plans they have so maybe we can start with that ?

  2. Amber Y

    So jealous of your target remodel!!! I live within 8 minutes of three targets and not one of them is remodeling. Someone told me at the big one it?s bc the bathrooms were out of order for MONTHS so the beauty budget went to that. Womp womp.

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