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Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.24.19 PM1) How many bras do you own?  I was watching a “Nifty” video on bra storage and was thinking wow, I have way more bras than this, these storage ideas would never work for me.  But most of the comments were like who even has more than 2 bras anyway?  So it got me wondering, how many bras does the average person own?  Two?  Five?  Ten?  For the record, I have like 72.  No real idea why?  I just like having options I guess. LOL!

2) Costco or Sam’s Club? Which do you prefer and why?  My mom has a Costco membership and I have a Sam’s Club one.  I like both for different reasons.  Sam’s has better drinks / snacks / chips, but Costco has better produce and lifestyle items.  I don’t think I’d pay for a membership to both (and would probably pick Costco if I had to pick one), but I love being able to go to both!

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Cole

    72! Wow! I have 2 ?regular? bras, and 3 sports bras… I run almost daily, so I really should own more sports bras, it?s just so hard to find good ones!

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe not exactly 72, but a lot! They have just accumulated over the years and I don’t wear them enough to like wear them out, so if I buy a new one, the collection just grows.

  2. Nancy

    I have about 16 bras. Some don?t fit well and others match 1 pair of underwear so I try to wear them together. On a weekly basis – I tend to wear my 2-3 favorites most often.

    1. Jennifer

      Sixteen seems like a solid number!!

  3. Britney

    1. Right now I’m rotating three nursing/maternity bras, but other than that I have one drawer cram packed with bras… if I had to guess? May be twenty or so… I’m not exactly sure, but the drawer is overflowing. Chances are I need to go through them and throw some away.
    2. Sam’s, we don’t have a Costco in Waco.

    1. Jennifer

      I totally forgot you were in Waco. My husband is near there for work right now. I should have went with him so I could have checked out the Silos!!!!!!!!

      1. Britney

        lol!!! Is he at Ft. Hood? Just a guess after seeing your Instastory the other day!
        A little Waco secret… You can near identical stuff ordering from Creative Co-op and it’s usually cheaper than the Silos! The Silos are really cool, but very crowded and overpriced. 😛 He’s lucky he’s here this week because it was SO HOT last week, my car read 115 degrees, our high today is ONLY 95.

        1. Jennifer

          Thanks for the tip! I will check them out!

          Yep! But just for work. All the army stuff is still stacked up in my basement. LOL!!! I am trying to talk him into going to the Silos just to check it out for me. Im like they have FOOD TRUCKS! LOL.

          Ack. That is too hot!

          1. Britney

            The food trucks are the part my husband really enjoyed, but only because we waited in line for about 45 minutes to get into the Silos. It worth checking out though if you’re ever in town and have the time! 🙂

  4. Hazel

    I have 2 bras ????? . And one is a nursing bra and I haven?t nursed in 3 years. I used to try to have 8 – 10, but after kids I got a little too busty for sizes you can buy in normal stores ?. Which is too bad because I love cute bras.

    I have had both Sams and Costco and I don?t keep either one going. If my husband needs new glasses I get a Costco membership because the savings more than cover the cost of the membership. Otherwise I haven?t found them to be cost effective for us (even though you can get some awesome deals).

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh!!! I know the feeling though. For whatever reason I saved a bunch of bras from eons ago – all like in perfect condition, but I had grown out of them. Happily they fit again which just about doubled my collection.

  5. Jodie Kingsbury

    I have 10 bras but they’re all the same brands/styles just different colors.

    I only have a SAM’S card. I have only been to Costco once. I spend too much when I go so it’s good that I only have one card.

    1. Jennifer

      Right? Sometimes I leave and I cant help but wonder what happened???

  6. Lauren

    That?s a LOT of bras. Lmao!!!!
    I have 10- my 4 that I rotate every other day. And sports bras. Oh and one strapless. 72 ???

    My mom has a Sam?s membership I have Cosco so we tend to switch up and go with one another I personally do not like Sam?s it is almost comparable however Cosco has a lot more higher end and organic products. They also have a lot of gluten-free stuff with my family and I require.

    1. Jennifer

      LOLOLOL. I know. I think I took 20 to Hawaii. Bryan is like what is even happening here?

  7. Rachel

    I have five bras but I really only wear two of them. I wish I had a drawer full but at 42DDD, bras don’t come cheap, or even reasonably priced for that matter!
    I was always a Sam’s Club girl but since moving to California, Costco is where it’s at. Plus the food court pizza is better.

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