Walmart 12 Days of Cheese Advent Calendars – Mini Review

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I finally came across the Tasty 12 Days of Cheese Advent Calendar at Walmart today and thought I would do a quick post on it. The calendar is $9.98 and includes 12 days of holiday cheese.

Cheese Details
The calendar includes 3 of each of the following cheeses:
~Cheddar and Mozzarella: A mellow blend of two complementary flavors: creamy process Cheddar and Mozzarella.
~Sharp Cheddar: A well balanced savory process cheese with a shape bite.
~Jalapeño Peppers: A process milk cheese with just a little bit of red and green jalapeño peppers.
~Cheddar: A well-balanced process cheddar..nutty, sweet and sharp.  Try it with some crisp slices apples or candied nuts.

Cheeses are 1oz each and each have 100 calories per serving.


In my Walmart these were in an end-cap refrigerator.  These were stacked in a pile (as shown in the picture below) and unless you were looking for them, you’d likely walk right by them.

Online Information
I cannot find any reference to the Cheese OR Wine Advents from Tasty on the Walmart website.  However, I did locate the Tasty 12 Days of Holiday Chocolate Advent Calendar ($9.98) on the Walmart website. You can check here to see if your local Walmart carries it and can reserve for in-store pick-up.

Other Tasty Advent Calendars Available at Walmart:

Tasty 12 Days of Wine – $69.98

Whet your palette with cans of Tasty wine, each equivalent to two glasses of wine. Enjoy exciting varietals including Bubbly Rose, Beyond Red Blend, SRSLY Sauv Blanc, Pinot Noir, Deeply Blood Orange, Oh So Rose, Raspberry Rose, For Real Grapefruit and Lil’ Brut.

Tasty 12 Days of Chocolate – $9.98

Indulge in decadent chocolates, paired perfectly with your daily glass (or two!) of vino. Enjoy samplings of punk ruby cocoa strawberry ganache hearts, milk chocolate sea salted caramel snowmen and dark chocolate ganache trees.

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  1. Judi

    Thank you so much for giving the location of the cheese calendar. A lot of cheese products are shelf-stable so I never thought to look in the fridge section. No wonder I couldn’t find one!

  2. Karen

    this is the worst advent calendar in existence. It is a crime against humanity that whatever extruded processed “food” in this advent calendar is called cheese. It tastes nothing like mozzarella or cheddar or anything edible, it tastes like those thin slices of kraft american “cheese.” If you want a similar experience to what it felt like eating this, just buy 12 kraft singles and leave them out in the sun for a while. Eat one every day. Don’t buy this.

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