Among Us Advent Calendar 2020 – “Review”

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For those of you following along on the Among Us Advent Calendar saga I thought I would do a quick “review” of the calendar I received. You can see my original post here and the website I ordered the calendar from here (I discovered the calendar on the PopSugar website).

11.12.20 – Ordered calendar. Paid via PayPal with credit card.
11.28.20 – Filed Paypal compliant. No tracking / shipment notification received between 11.12 – 11.28. Website said it would ship within 24 hours after payment and would arrive 7 – 15 business days after shipment.
11.30.20 – Seller responded via PayPal with a tracking number. Tracking number did not update for over a week.
12.9.20 – USPS Received package from DHL.
12.13.20 – Calendar delivered to me via USPS.

What I Was Expecting (based on photos and description from website)


Description (From Website)
🤩Every day of the holiday is exciting! Each numbered door in this holiday calendar may contain One Piece figures, One Piece keychains and stickers.Children will always be curious about it! Children can create and show their own One Piece Christmas scenes!

What I Received:

What I actually received was:

-8 Pins (all identical)
-11 Stickers
-4 Necklaces
-2 Keychains
I received no plush figures or other figures shown in the website image.  Also the doors on the calendar were comically small.  *Maybe* the necklaces would fit through the tiny doors, but the buttons / pins were about 3x larger than the doors.  The calendar arrived crushed and, for lack of better words, in a complete jumble.

I will be following up with PayPal to confirm that I received the calendar, but that it was NOT was advertising.  This calendar was $44.98 (including shipping) was absolutely not worth it.

Did you order an Among Us Advent Calendar?  If so, what did yours look like??

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  1. Sudie

    My story is similar..ordered calendar on 11/20. Emailed company on 12/6 to cancel as I had not received it, was told it has shipped even though company website said order was unfulfilled and tracking information showed that USPS had not actually received the package yet. 12/14..package arrives..same jumbled mess but half of my items aren’t even Among Us related and look like they came from the $.25 machines at the grocery store. Claim filed with PayPal.

  2. L callaghan

    totally agree! same story DO NOT BUY>
    I expected what the above person said. and got the same
    . I ordered with plenty of time to get the calendar for 1st Dec, but it was received AFTER CHRISTMAS 29th DEC. not much use!.
    all the “stickers and badges were at the bottom, mixed in a heap. No separation of days, despite outside packaging looking like you could open “a window a day”..
    I put a complaint in with pay pal. they said “delivered so no refund”, but I couldnt track when I tried and it came AFTER Christmas (no point AND it wasn’t what the picture showed. DO NOT BUY. it was $77 AUD!!!!! worth about $15!


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