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-Good evening! We had W’s Winter School Carnival on Friday night which turned out so well! We’ve never had an outdoor Christmas / Santa event before, but we got a great night weather wise and just lucked out in general. The kids were happy, the food trucks were great and it was just so much fun.

-Uhh, can we talk about that And Just Like That? If you haven’t watched I will give it until next week to spoil it, but wow, I was not ready for that. At all.  And they did Peloton so dirty. But the video Ryan Reynolds made about it all, was just genius. So good!

-For those of you that have been here a while, yes my Christmas tree is still standing.  LOL!  If you are new or don’t remember, I have a “thing” for buying Christmas trees that are too big for my stand and/or not tying them up properly (we now tie to the railings). We have lost quite a few ornaments over the years, but I while know I was super upset about it at the time (every time) I couldn’t even tell you what’s those were.

-Do you send out holiday cards?  I used to faithfully do them, but have skipped sending them the past few years.  I was THIS CLOSE to doing them this year and even had it all designed on Shutterfly and them just never ordered.  Oh well, maybe next year (probably not though).

-That’s it from here.  Have a great night!

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  1. Jodie Kingsbury

    Your tree is beautiful. I quit sending cards a few years ago but have been thinking about sending New Years cards this year.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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