My Day 3

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My day started off with a thud. Literally. I woke up, checked Facebook (I told you I am hooked), heard about the earthquake / tsunami in Japan and turned on CNN. My husband was in the shower and Lucas had just woken up and crawled in bed with me to watch the news coverage of the disaster. And then Baxter and Buddy ran downstairs and started barking like crazy. They were barking so much that I thought maybe a coyote or something was in the backyard (you never know around here). So I get out of bed and head downstairs to check things out. Somehow I miss the first step and slide down the rest of the stairs until I stop on the landing. Thank goodness for that landing or else I would have tumbled down like 17 stairs instead of like 7 and landed on the hard tile floor instead of the carpet. I knew I wasn’t badly hurt, but I didn’t feel like getting up either, so I laid on the floor for a few minutes feeling bad for myself. Bryan had gotten out of the shower and hurt the commotion and came to check on me. He was pleased I was not badly hurt, but I am pretty sure he wished he would have seen me fall. LOL. I escaped with only a nasty bruise on my arm. Oh, and Lucas didn’t even come check on me. Neither did the dogs. And I never did find out what they were barking at. Nice.

My morning did not get much better from there. I dropped a screaming, hysterical Lucas off at school (“I want you take me home.” “I just want to go home and play choo-choos’s.” “I no wanna go to school”), almost got pulled over for speeding in a school zone (he got the guy next to me) and had a long icy commute.

But luckily my evening was WAY better. I had dinner with my boys at IHOP (L’s pick) and my Spartans won their basketball game. It has been a rough rough year for MSU and I am happy to report this was their best game of the year. I am more than excited for March Madness and while I do not have total confidence in MSU, I also would never bet against Izzo in March. Go Green!

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