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I couldn’t help myself and stopped by a few Targets today to see what was going on. Two were 90% off and one was 70% off. The summer area was pretty much picked clean at one of the stores. It just had a 90% sign with some assorted cups and broken crap. The other store didn’t have a summer clearance are at all and I saw everything packed away in a cart. And the 70% store had a few things, but nothing (other than the Countrytime lemonade – $0.64/jar) that I wanted for ONLY 70% off. It’s pretty bad that I don’t think of 70% off as such a deal on certain things anymore…

Back to the 90% off stores. I didn’t care that the clearance areas were basically gone because we all know the real goodies aren’t there anyways. They are “hiding” in the regular aisles! The beverage dispenser is identical to one that Target stocks all year long. Only the clearance one is $19.99 and has a round “Mini Seasonal” sticker on the bottom, while the regular one is $20.79 and has a square sticker on the bottom.  I have no clue why Target does this, but they do.  Would I ever pay $20.79 this?  Nope.  Would I pay $4.99 (75% off price) or $1.99 (90% off price)?  You know it!

I spent a grand total of $27.31 for everything you see in the picture(s).  How amazing is that?  The most expensive items I purchased were the beverage dispenser at $1.99 and the Bocce Ball Set, also $1.99.  The water blasters were $0.49/each.  I got 10.  Yep, I got 10 for the price of 1!  I plan to use these down the road in goodie bags for L’s friends. The chip and dip sets were $0.99/each.  Score!  The tray was $1.49 and most of the paddle ball sets, water toys, etc. were $0.49/each.  Oh, and the 8-packs of water blasters were $0.99/each.  How could I pass those up?  They need a home!  B took one look at me carrying my Target bags in the house yesterday and just smiled and shook his head.

And someone left me a comment the other day, asking how I know what items go on clearance that aren’t clearly summer clearance items, like the fruit snacks, the coolers, the water toys, etc.  Well, of course everything with a blue tag is or blue packaging is part of the clearance.  The other clearance “stuff” was kept in the same area with the summer clearance.  I got to Target a lot, so every so often I will look thru the seasonal area just to see what is there and make mental notes of what to look for later.  Also, I know that things with “seasonal” type packaging are usually part of the clearance.  And Target pretty much has the same types of stuff every year, so after awhile you end up with a pretty good idea of what you are looking for.  The next big fun holiday for Target clearance is Halloween and I am already excited!

Did you score anything for 90% off?  Did your store even go to 90% off?  I have heard rumors that some of the stores that went to 70% off won’t be going to 90% off!  Say it isn’t so!!!

(*) This post could also be titled “Another trip to Target to buy things more things my husband thinks we don’t need.” But he’s wrong. We NEED them.

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4 thoughts on “90% off Target Summer Clearance (*)

  • Cindy

    LOL…no wonder there was no post earlier!! I’m exhausted just thinking about going back…what a great “haul”!! None of my Targets have that much stuff left…wish my kids were younger (sometimes)! My only regret is I couldn’t find the beverage dispenser…even in the regular aisles. (I was too “frugal”, ok cheap to buy it at 50% off.) Summer party at YOUR house!

  • Kelsey

    I think I’m going to have to come visit after a holiday so that you can show me the ropes in Target clearance buying haha!

  • Julie

    I am inquiring about the posts I just read and people were saying they shop at target after every holiday and get 70-90% off. My question is when?? I’ve seen target put their dollar holiday items on sale but never more than 50% off and I am an avid shopper therefore I will be waiting in anticipation for your return email to let me know how this sale works and if I can shop online for 90% off items.
    Please get back to me ASAP .
    Thank you,
    Julie Surace