50% off Target Clearance Finds!

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As usual, I told myself I’d wait until the Target clearance went to 75% off (or 70% off or whatever it is), but of course, I couldn’t resist and ran out “to look” as soon as it went to 50% off.  And by look, I mean buy up everything I could get my hands on!  My favorite finds were:

Huggies Santa Diapers:  Regular price $19.99, clearance price $9.99.
Christmas Books: I think the most I paid was $9.99 for a book?  I  love love love finding hardcover books on sale!  They will last forever and make great gifts!
Hot Wheels Cars:  $2.49 (reg. $4.99).  These will make great gifts for L’s friends next year!  So will the Cars Coloring Books w/ crayons.
Nordic Ware Mini Pancake Pan: $9.99 (reg. $19.99).  I only saw one of these pans in the store and it screamed clearance at me.  I scanned it and sure enough, it was!  It’s hard to tell with Nordic Ware stuff what will be marked on clearance and what won’t be.
Nordic Ware Spritz Cookie Press: $4.99 (reg. $9.99).  Now I can stop borrowing my mom’s cookie press every year!

Of course, I got plenty of other things, as you can see below.  But those were the things I was most excited about!  I should mention I got most of the items the first day the sale started (i.e. Tuesday), but didn’t pick up the diapers until after dinner last night.  They were in the regular aisles.  I am seriously not going again until it hits 70% off.  Hopefully I can find what I want at 70% off, so I can do a little returning.

If you are heading out to Target, don’t forget to check the regular aisles.  Stores are a mess after Christmas, so the clearance stuff could be anywhere!  If you already went to Target, what did you get?

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  1. Cindy

    I went with the girls last night…nothing left exciting. No food or plastic ware…I got a beverage tin and the kids bought a bunch of candy… Oh boxers for boys and a baby Santa suit for a friend. We went through the whole store — remember I live in a Target wasteland…lol.

  2. karen

    We did gift bags and wrap mainly. I thought of you with the 1/2 priced gingerbread tree and house kits.

  3. Stacey

    Wow you got a ton of great deals! I love that cookie pan, I wish we had Target in the UK!!


  4. Julie

    I’m going to hit up target today! I hope I’m as successful as you are.

  5. Niki

    Hi! Loving your blog and target finds! Would you happen to have the DPCI#
    for the storybook treasury book you found? Thanks so much!

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