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  • I am pretty annoyed that Target’s Christmas clearance is still 50% off.  Get on with the 70% (or 75%) off already!  I have heard rumors that it may not hit 70% off until Saturday.  I guess that is good since it will give me plenty of time to run to various Target’s on Saturday since I mean, it’s not like I have some crazy New Year’s Eve plans or anything!
  • Oh, any speaking of Target, I did an online stock check for the huggies Santa diapers I found the other day and it said a store near’ish to me had them.  In all sizes, plus wipes.  Turns out that damn stock checker lied to me and they did not have any of it.  Don’t worry, I still love you Target.  And I will love you even more when I hit up my favorite Target this weekend and find all sorts of hidden goodies!
  • I mailed out my New Year’s cards on Tuesday, which was perfect timing since someone did text me and ask me if they had been booted off my Christmas card list!  As if!  I ordered way too many cards (what was I thinking) and was more than happy to send cards to anyone I thought would even remotely want one.  I did have a little incident where I switched the return address sticker and the address labels, so basically I sent myself a New Year’s card, with someone else’s “return address” on it.  As I looked at the card, I thought to myself, “wow, I used those SAME labels”.  DUH!
  • I need to get the storage room in the basement cleaned this weekend, so that we can get a humidifier installed on our furnace. This sounds like an easy project, but it will be no small task.  I am exhaused just thinking about it.  I totally do not want to clean the basement, but I am very excited to get the humidifier installed.  Our house is so dry!
  • So, B said I could get a Celine Luggage Tote for an upcoming special occasion.  Now ladies, where can I get my hands on one of these?? Are there waiting lists or is it just first come first serve?  I want a solid color, probably black or green.
  • So, I got my haircut last Friday.  I had only scheduled haircuts for me and L.  When my girl took a look at my hair, she insisted on coloring it as well.  I think she was horrified I was walking around with all that grey!  She also made sure they could squeeze me in to get my brows done.  Clearly she noticed what a hot mess I was!  And I have to say that although we were at the salon for well over 2 hours, L behaved like a complete angel.  No, I am serious.  I was so so proud of him.  All the ladies in the salon kept saying what a good boy he was ;).

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  1. karen

    Lucas is like his dad, he know how to impress the ladies. I’m sure he is a salon favorite because of his good behavior. There were relatives here at Christmas that missed your cards. I told them they would be coming.

  2. shannon dew

    OK all this talk about Target, I think me and KP will have to go today! And I want to see your new hair!!!

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