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  • I think we got like 2 inches of snow last night.  Come on mother nature, where is our snow??  My kid wants snow and that makes me want snow too.  Luckily, L is pretty thrilled by the little amount that we got, so it looks like we will be getting some outdoor fun in later!
  • I ordered the fabric for my no sew curtains yesterday.  It should be arriving next week.  I hope to have the curtains done and hung sometime next weekend!  I will need B to operate the iron for me though since ironing is not my thing.
  • I cannot believe that Heidi Klum and Seal are getting divorced.  Why do celebs even get married?
  • L has seen this commercial for Squishy Baff a few times and pretty much has his heart set on getting it.  So I finally broke down and ordered some the other day. I can only hope that his bathtub and drain aren’t ruined forever.
  • I believe L has said my name 100 times since I started typing this post.  FYI, I started typing it five minutes ago. ;).  What does he want?  Umm, nothing.  Just to say my name I think.
  • We hired painters to paint the nursery, two bathrooms and a hallway.  They are coming next week and I am SO excited.  I have never had a professional paint anything and I am pretty sure this is going to be 100x easier than painting it ourselves.  We actually need the entire house painted (builders use the crappiest quality paint they can find), but that will all happen in time.  For now L we will just have stop smearing things on the wall.

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  1. Karen

    You will have to let us know how the Squishy Baff is. My daughter asks me if she can have it every time she sees the commercial. It kind of looks gross to me, but I am considering it…I am curious about it.

  2. Brian h

    I can’t believe she ever married Seal in the first place

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