The (IKEA) Look for Less (*)

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I love Pottery Barn and West Elm, but don’t love the high prices. Not if I can help it anyways.  I like to get ideas from the PB catalog and then search out similar inexpensive items whenever I can. And that’s exactly what I did during my IKEA trip. I know I showed you these items yesterday, but now let me show you how much I saved!

I found this picture on Pinterest of a lantern filled with Christmas ornaments and thought it looked amazing. So I could not have been more thrilled when I found some super cute lanterns at IKEA for more than 1/2 the price as the Pottery Barn ones I love. The
big lantern from IKEA was $19.99. You’d have to pay $19.50 for the tiny lantern in the PB picture. And even more for the big ones. Sure I had to assemble the larger one, but I’ll gladly spend 5 extra minutes if I can save $20 or $30.

Can I just say that I have been lusting after a huge chunky black wood mirror for years? I finally decided it was time to make this huge IKEA mirror mine. I got the black / brown one, but it also comes in orange and white. West Elm sells a similar (almost identical) chunky wood mirror (in black, silver and white) for $329. I don’t know about you, but a $200 savings to me is huge.

Now I want to hear about your finds for less.  What “designer” looking items (home or otherwise) have you found for less at another store?  And where’d you find them?

(*) My friend has the most amazing The Look 4 Less blog. Go check her out!

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  1. Shannon

    I really need that big mirror in my life, like, yesterday.

    1. Jennifer

      I waited too long. Don’t make the same mistake!!!

  2. jen

    Great deals! Hope you post a picture of your lantern filled with ornaments. Are you going to paint it red or leave it black? I think it might look cute with some fall themed items in it too! I may have to make a trip to Ikea 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I bought two big ones and one medium sized one so I might spray paint one. I think fall stuff would be cute in it too!!

  3. Maggie

    Umm….you have me sold on IKEA! I WANT that mirror! Awesome finds. I’ve only been to IKEA once and buzzed thru the store in an hour because I was so overwhelmed.

    1. Jennifer

      It is totally overwhelming. You have to plan first or you’ll be there forever. And I even need to make a second trip now that I have it all home. Do you get the catalog?

      1. Maggie

        I don’t get a catalog…I probably should but the closest one to me is in Dallas. Man, Oklahoma needs an IKEA. We get screwed on everything!

  4. Amy Pelletier

    I really wish we had an IKEA close to where I live. I’d either have to drive to Charlotte, NC (3+ hours) or Washington DC area (4+ hours). My brother used to Luce in Novi and he practically furnished his whole house from IKEA. I wouldn’t furnish my entire house with it, but I know I wouldn’t feel bad about getting a few things here and there knowing how much cheaper it is than the coveted alternatives (Pottery Barn, etc). Great finds, Jen! I love seeing your decorating ideas.

    1. Jennifer

      I feel the same way! If you can get some look alikes for less, why not?? And their stuff is great for kids!

  5. Cindy

    Can I just say I actually think I like the IKEA things better!! Oh, and “guess where I went today????????”. My heart was racing like a Target 75% clearance…(not quite like the 90%)… I will post soon, but I just got “stuff”, not furniture. I’m gonna go again and make it a “date night” with my furniture fiasco husband!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I can’t wait to see what you got!!

  6. Kelly

    I love ikea:) I am following you on pinterest. I actually like ikea a mirror better than west elm. West elms looks too narrow.

  7. Dani

    I agree with Kelly. I actually like the IKEA mirror better. Good scores!

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