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  • I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday.  I was none to pleased when I realized it was NOT Saturday and, in fact, it was only Thursday.
  • We have participated in 5 Halloween events so far this year.  Yep 5.  And we have one more Saturday, maybe one Sunday and then Halloween on Monday.  So far we have been thru three costumes (a baseball player, a fireman and Sully from Monsters, Inc.).
  • For reasons unknown, L showed up in our bedroom at 1am the other night, claiming he was scared.  So we let him sleep in our bed.  B woke up with L’s foot top on face, while the rest of L was basically on top of me.  And L wonders why we don’t like it when he sleeps in our bed!
  • I am so ordering matching pajamas for Christmas this year.  That is basically the only thing I have planned for Christmas so far.  L and I have been discussing what he is going to ask Santa for and all he has come up with is a red barrel of monkeys and Sponge Bob underwear.  That shouldn’t be too hard!
  • I need to put together Halloween treat bags for L’s friends at school.  Any ideas? I don’t want to do all candy or too many small little “things” that will just get thrown away.
  • At L’s school party, they had this paper that you could draw on and reveal the colors underneath.  So flippin cool.  I remember making that myself when I was a kid.  I think you used crayons for the colors underneath and them maybe painted over it with black paint before you scratched?  No matter, this is WAY cooler. The colors were awesome.  I was way more into it than L was.  Way more.
  • I had a dream last night that the Michigan State – Nebraska football game lasted 10 hours.  I think I am still having nightmares about all those late night Detroit Tigers games that went into extra innings!  Although it’s a noon game, I still am not interested in overtime.  And don’t stress me out MSU.  Let’s get off to a good start and make sure it stays that way!  Although, I know this will NOT be the case and I will likely be hiding my eyes behind a pillow at some point during the game! 😉

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  1. Kelly

    We went to a halloween party the other day and they had the cutest favors you could make. I will get a picture up in blog in the next couple days…..all you need is candy corn, clear plastic hand baggies (like lunch ladies use), popcorn, ribbon, and bat/spider rings. Put 5 candy corns in the fingers for nails, then fill with popcorn, then tie the top with ribbon, and put a ring on the ring finger. They were so cute!

  2. Alysia George

    mini tubs of play doh are good treat bag stuffers because they actually get used instead of thrown out when the kids aren’t looking 😉

  3. shannon dew

    Let me know where you find cute PJs b/c I’m thinking it’s time for matching ones too!

    1. Jennifer

      I got some from Hanna Andersson last night!

  4. Amanda

    I envy you normal moms…I want to have matching PJs, too, but I have it in my head that I need to make them.

    I’m also jealous that Lucas wants normal things for Christmas. Darren has requested a hippopotmus and stilts.

  5. Stacey

    Okay, I’m cracking up. I pulled out a page from the Hannah Andeson catalog of a family wearing matching PJs, put it ont he fridge, and with a big black sharpie wrote “CAN WE DO THIS FOR OUR X-MAS PHOTO?” I never actually heard a response, but noticed the page in the trash. I guess I know the answer. Lol.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, I am cracking up!!! I guess maybe that’s a NO? B knows that I will nag him until he gives in, so he just gives in if he doesn’t really want to hear about it anymore.

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