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  • So we got home from running some errands this morning and, as usual (it’s one of his chores), L went into the basement to let the dogs out of their crates and let them outside.  We were unloading the car, so the door to the house was open. Buddy came running back in, but no sign of Baxter.  Hmm.  We checked the other doors to see if he was waiting there, but still no sign of him.  We called and called for him (inside the house and out), but nothing.  Now we start to get worried.  It is so not like Baxter to run away.  Buddy, yeah, Buddy is a runner and would take off after pretty much anything (he has chased a rollerblader, leaves, a bunny, squirrels, the wind, birds, etc.).  And Buddy is fast.  Baxter, well, he’s not in a hurry to do much.  I looked out in the fields behind our house to see if I could spot him and saw nothing.  No one was walking their dogs.  No neighbors were out.  No cars were around.  Seriously, where was Baxter?  L was looking out the front door for him (although he was not concerned about Baxter at all), while Bryan walked a ways down the street to see if he could spot him.  All of a sudden I decided maybe, just maybe, I should look in the basement to make sure L really let him out of his crate (L swore he did, he assured us Baxter left the house and went outside).  And sure enough, there was Baxter, just sitting in his crate.  Why didn’t be bark, you ask?  Well, that’s just not Baxter’s style.  And so, that’s the story of how we “lost” Baxter.
  • B and I have been doing lots of cleaning and organizing the past few days.  We got some shelving for the basement so that instead of stacking my bins o’ crap like 6 high and calling B to lift the heavy ones from the top of the stock, so I can get to the one I want on the bottom of the stack, I can now easily just slide the bins in and out of the shelves!  It looks great down there so far and I will be sure to take some pictures once it’s all finished.  Sadly, I didn’t take before pictures, but it was turning into a bit of a hoard down there.  Just too many oddly shaped things to store (I’m talking about you wicker pumpkins, stuffed snowmen and wreaths for every holiday).  But with the shelves, it’s all under control.  Loves it.
  • In addition to organizing the storage room in the basement, I have also finally gotten around to organizing all the clothes L has outgrown.  Like an idiot, I just threw things in plastic bins and garbage bags and didn’t think twice about it. Until I realized what a mess I had on my hands :(.  So I’ve been sorting sizes. Making save and donation piles.  Using my label maker to mark the bins.  I even have a labeled bin in his closet now so that I can throw current stuff in there.  It feels good to have all that stuff organized!  Those messy bins and bags and piles thrown in his closet were haunting me.
  • B used his 70% Starbucks tumbler for the first time today and is almost on the road to making it worth the $6 I spent on it.  The guy took the cup, filled it up and B was on his way in like 60 seconds.  We were a tad worried they might not know anything about the offer, but they totally knew.  Awesome!
  • One of my friend’s (IRL by the way) posted about her New Year’s Resolutions on her blog today and I loved #3 “Use up a bottle of nail polish”.  I am ashamed to admit I don’t think I have ever used up an entire bottle.  Has anyone?
  • It doesn’t really feel like New Year’s Day today since no college football games are on.  When is the last time New Year’s fell on a Sunday? It is just so odd. Although, I am totally looking forward to the games tomorrow and totally hoping MSU can finally win a bowl game!

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  1. Maria

    Love your random posts! Just told my husband (a.k.a. the Starbucks addict) about the tumbler and free coffee deal and now I have to find my nearest Target and hope they still have tumblers available. Another excuse to go to Target? Don’t mind if I do!
    And I’d be pretty impressed if anyone ever finished a whole bottle of nail polish. It seems pretty much impossible. But worth a try 😉

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