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    • I applied to be a host of a Benefit “Laughter is the Best Cosmetic” House Party and I got accepted! I am so super excited. I totally could use a fun afternoon with make-up and friends. I have hosted a few other house parties in the past and they are always great. And you get cool freebies to pass out to friends. And maybe there will be something left over to do a giveaway here!  Have you ever hosted a house party?  If not, you should totally apply!

  • So I told B the other day about the initial button craft project I want to make for the baby’s room.  Then I mentioned I could just buy it on Etsy instead for $60. He was like, nah, you should for sure just spend like $200 and make it yourself and get all pissed off while you are doing it.  I knew I married that man for a reason!  I hope to get started this weekend (I also thought this last weekend), so we’ll see how annoyed I get.

  • I think L is finally on the mend and I couldn’t be happier!  He showed me yesterday how fast he can run now that he is better and he has been bouncing around the house like Tigger for the last 24 hours!!!  However, he will no longer be able to afford college when he is older as we have spent all of his college funds on pediatrician co-pays, Motrin and Tylenol.  Oh yeah, and art supplies to keep him entertained.  My tolerance for Wonder Pets and Max and Ruby is at an all time low.  I cannot wait to get out and do something fun with him!
  • We were supposed to get like 6-8 inches of snow here the other night.  Kids all over were doing everything they could (ice cubes in toilet, pjs inside out, etc.) to get a snow day.  What did we get instead?  Umm, a dusting of snow.  Thanks Mr. Weatherman.  For nothing.
  • I was reading another blog who wondered what you do when repairmen are in the house.  Do you follow them around, stay in the room with them or leave them alone?  Umm, I just point them in the right direction and tell them to let me know if they need anything.  I could care less if they do through my stuff.  It’s not that interesting.  Trust me.
  • Why does MGM in Las Vegas keep offering me free hotel stays.  As if I didn’t want to go there already, now they are enticing me with a FREE room.  I’d pretty much be on the next plane to Vegas if I didn’t my doctor would hunt me down and drag me back here ;).  L is under the impression we are going back there this summer.  I wish but I do not think newborns like Vegas.  Maybe next fall…….

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  1. Kelly B

    I wanted to host that Benefit party so bad! I was so bummed I didn’t get it. I just applied for Nicholas Sparks this morning. I am sure the Benefit one will be awesome!

    Send some snow my way! We have had like 2 in. total this year! I…… I meant Madison wants to build a snowman!! lol!

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