Tissue Paper Pom Poms

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So I think I have mentioned a few times that I haven’t been having much luck with tissue paper pom-poms. I ended up ordering new poms from a different Etsy seller (Party Poms) in hopes they would be easier to “fluff”.  As luck would have it, these did work out better. Or maybe I just got a clue this time. I did tear lots of tissue paper, but you totally can’t even tell. It is a very time consuming project (even with premade poms), so don’t just plan to be done in like 5 minutes.  As with most of my craft projects, I blame Pinterest for this.  I didn’t even know I wanted these until I saw cool pictures of them in actual nurseries.

I hung out my first set of poms (the pain in the butt ones) with tape and they fell down in hours.  I used command hooks this time and just hung the poms close to the ceiling so you can’t see the hook.  I am pretty sure these will not fall down.  Although, I would never hang them above the crib no matter what, just in case!  I ordered a set of 10 poms, thinking that would be enough, but I now I kind of wish I would have ordered more.  One of the colors the seller sent was so weird and totally didn’t even match my room colors.  No clue why she sent it, but whatever.  So I ended up with nine poms.  I guess it’s a good amount because it doesn’t totally overwhelm the room.  And because I was so done with fluffing them after 3 poms!

So what do you think?  Do you like tissue poms?  Do you make them yourself or buy them premade??

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  1. Shannon

    umm i LOVE them! they look so cute! i had bought some martha stewart ones from joann’s to use for KP’s party and actually ended up putting them in the playroom instead. they are so fun!

  2. karen

    Looks great, can’t wait to see the baby in it. Does Lucas want pom poms in his room now?

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