Patriotic / 4th of July Apothecary Jars

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I’ve never done 4th of July / Patriotic apothecary jars before, because I have never been able to figure out what to put in them. So this year I got to work early. I started with red, white and blue beans (bought at Kroger for about $1/bag) and then grabbed some red and white decorative balls I had in the basement (which I bought in the vase filler aisle at Target).

But like I was telling you before, I didn’t have any blue balls(*).  Instead of going on an all out man hunt for them, I decided to make my own. I bought some navy blue RIT dye and dyed some of the white balls I already had. For whatever reason, I have a ton of white ones. Must have been some amazing project idea that I had and never did anything about. The third jar had me stumped. I tried out red, white and blue sand, but it was SO bright compared to the other jars, so I nixed that. Then I tried small paper lanterns (from 4th of July lights) and they looked dumb too. I considered bows, ribbon, etc., but finally settled on flowers. I went to Michael’s and found the darkest red, white and blue flowers I could. I discarded the stems and only used the actual flower parts. I think the flowers cost $5.99 each and I used one of each color.

I’d say the project jars cost around $30 when I was all done.  Not too bad considering I will leave it up from now until Labor Day.  So what do you think??  What would you use in them?




(*) Yep, still laughing.

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  1. Kelly

    They look great Jennifer!

  2. Mom

    The jars turned out great!

  3. Stacey

    Love these Jennifer, I really like how the flower one turned out!


  4. Hilary

    Look awesome! I am going to copy you on the dying part I think! Thanks!

  5. Janel

    Great idea on the flowers, I never thought of that.. I used glittered red white and blue stars that I found at Hobby Lobby, used small American flags in another, and then stuffed 4th of July Garland in another.. I have the colored beans in a mason jar in the kitchen window, but I am thinking what a mess to sort it when I need to empty.. Maybe I just need to swap the mason jar for another.. 🙂

  6. Dianne

    I LOVED these jars!!!! My daughter loves anything red white and blue, I’m going to go to Michaels right now and start making them.

    THANKS!!! for the great idea.

  7. Bianca

    Where did you get the jars themselves from. I’ve been looking everywhere and cannot find them at all?

    1. Jennifer

      I got them years ago from Costco. You can find similar ones lots of places though.

  8. Betty819

    Bianca..Do you have a Home Goods, TJ Max, Hobby Lobby, Michel’s or A.C. Moore craft store near you. I purchased a large apothecary jar in 2012 for use during the Christmas Season. It came decorated with a beautiful large silk flower, ribbon and glitter. I put colorful Christmas balls in it..but Pinterest entries have given me lots of inspiration what I can put inside it for the holidays or any special holiday, not just Christmas.

  9. Brenda

    Love it but would love to know how to make the balls, your whole display is beautiful

    1. Jennifer

      I bought the balls and then dyed them. Is that what you mean?

  10. charissa

    These look really good! Are they black beans that you used?

  11. Sarah

    What kinds of beans did you use? I can’t find a navy cot bean! Love the jars by the way!!

  12. Jean Kuipers

    They are very cute, I used white rice, I put the rice in a clear bag I used 1 bag for blue and 1 for red, I used the White rice for white da,looks so cute! Thanks for reading.

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