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  • B and I had a mini date night last night. It was mini date night because we had W, but not L. We tried out a BBQ place we’d never been to before.  It was a good thing we didn’t have L since there was a wait and he’s not down with standing still.  I’m not huge on bbq but I really liked it.  And so did B.  W liked it too. We’ll for sure be back.  As a side-note, I went to prom with “Bad Brad’s” brother.
  • Baxter and Buddy are exhausted from having me home everyday.  I think Baxter looks forward to me leaving to go to the park or whatever so he can go in his crate.  He has also taken to riding around in the basket in the bottom of the stroller.
  • W loves baths.  It’s so weird. He screams right up until we put him in the water and then he’s totally quiet.  I think the water reminds him of him being in my belly and he digs it.
  • I have a friend who runs out of gas all the time.  No seriously, it’s happened dozens of times over the years.  You’d have to know her (*) to understand.  So anyways, her car got stolen the other day.  But guess what?  Her tank was on empty (it always is) and the thieves ran out of gas and her car was found in perfect condition.  LOL!!!!!!    She clearly is smarter than we all thought!  So I ask you, have you ever ran out of gas?
  • I want to get these spice holders (they are really drawer organizers) from the Container Store for my pantry but I need to coupon code to come out soon!  We don’t have a Container Store near us which really ticks me off, so I need an online coupon. My the hot mess in my pantry is begging for one!
  • I am thinking of signing up for Birchbox, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Does anyone do this?  What do you think?  Is it worth the $10/month?
  • I am not sure I have mentioned this, but L’s birthday is on Mother’s Day this year.  There goes my special day!  Just kidding.  As if everyday isn’t about L anyways.  My boys will make up for it when they are older.  Or else. 😉




(*) Love you KT!

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  1. Jesse

    I was also thinking of joining Birchbox but when I tried to sign up there was a waiting list. I have seen some YT videos where people are not happy with the items because they are so small and you really dont have a chance to see if you will like the items if you purchased the bigger size.

    I was looking at some other monthly subscription companies though and just doing some research.

    1. Jennifer

      Which other ones are you looking at?

  2. Amanda

    1.) I’ve gotten BirchBox for a couple months and I love it. There’s always something in it that makes it worth the $10 to me. Plus, it’s a surprise!

    2.) I think we need prom pics.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!! I’ll post some if you want!

  3. Hilary

    OMG that gas story is hilarious. I bought my mom those spice racks and I got the racks that hang ‘under’ the shelves like she has there. If you sign up at ContainerStore.com they’ll send you a 10% off coupon. I had one but it just expired 4/29. 🙁

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