So What Wednesday!

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew and I’m linking up! This week I am saying SO WHAT if..

  • I cannot stop watching the Harvard baseball team’s cover of Call Me Maybe. How cute are those guys????
  • I kind of like cooking for my boys and doing all B’s errands and stuff. Except ironing.  I’ll do it, but I would rather not.
  • I usually turn off the fan when B falls asleep at night.  What?  I told you, I like to end up sweating my ass off at night.
  • We bought L his birthday present the day of his birthday.  And so what if I considered not getting him anything.  He already has everything.
  • I tried to snooze W screaming yesterday morning.  We have the iBaby Monitor which works through our iPhones and I am so used to just snoozing that thing when it made noise in the morning.  Just in case you are wondering, there is NO way to snooze a crying baby.
  • Mama didn’t stay up screwing around on the internet after the 4am feeding, she wouldn’t even need to “snooze” the baby.
  • I didn’t know that there was actually special water balloons.  Really?  We can’t just have one type of balloon.

So what are you saying so what to this week???

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  1. Shannon Dew

    isn’t it funny how good it feels to be a wife sometimes?! but i do not iron, not ever. don’t even own an ironing board.

    1. Jennifer

      Really?? Even I have always always owned one. even in college I had one!!

  2. Amy

    I am totally with you on the not buying stuff for there birthdays. I feel like they are little and get crap from EVERYONE… why should I give in. We usually do one semi big thing.. like a tricycle or batman cave. That then feels like he got something nice but not a lot of little stuff.

    I too have also tried to snooze a baby. It didnot work for me either.

  3. Jillzy

    special water balloons? really? yeah, i’m right with you on that one!

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