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Dear USPS, Your online tracking system sucks.  My packages could be anywhere.  Get with it.  Dear Craigslist, I wish there were a better way to view things for sale.  It’s a pain in the a** to have to click into every ad to see the picture.  That “pottery barn look alike desk” never looks anything like something Pottery Barn would sell and I’m tired of wasting my time.  Dear Terminix Guy, Did you really come to my house at 9pm last night to sell us stuff?  Really?  Even if I wanted it, I wouldn’t buy it out of principle alone.  Dear B, I swear if I had a dedicated craft space, I would craft more.  I swear.  Like if I had this, I am pretty sure I could open up on own Etsy store and make a fortune selling stuff.  Dear L, I was scared last week when your iPad would not work.  I feared we would have to head to the Apple store to get you a new one.  Luckily my mad technology skills saved us.  It’s probably better than you don’t know I would have bought you one with more storage so you could fit more crap educational games on it.  Dear Processed Foods, I don’t miss you as much as I thought I would.  Wait, is ice cream a processed food?  Because I do miss ice cream.  Although I had a giant bowl last night (along with a sh*t ton of Chinese food) and felt like crap after.  Dear W, Although I want you to stay little, I do look forward to you being able to sit up.  But crawling and walking?  No.  Dear Photographer, I cannot wait to see L and W’s pictures.  Let’s not take as long as last time okay? There is one shot of both of them together that   Dear Amazon, What did people do before you existed?  Seriously, you are like my go to for random things.  Glycerine?  I don’t even know (or care) what it’s used for other than making bubbles, but you carry it.  Dear People with Tons of Kids, How do you keep them all straight?  I get confused between L’s birthday and W’s birthday.

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  1. Tiffany

    Jen, click on ‘show images’ when your craigslist results show up. You then see a thumbnail of the picture before even clicking on the link!

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