Why Didn’t I Think of That…..

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Actually, these are all my brilliant ideas, so I did think of that! Feel free to steal them and actually do something with them since I am way too lazy to actually do anything about any of them. LOL. Plus, I am guessing that someone already has most of these ideas.

Play-Doh Sorter: Okay is it just me or does everyone else hate when their kids mix Play-Doh colors?  I mean, I let L do it, but inside my OCD is going insane.  It really irks me that once Play-Doh colors are mixed, they can’t be unmixed.  There has to be a way to un-mix them.  Well, maybe not. It’s not like you can un-mix like food coloring when you mix it in water.  Or can you???  Maybe it’s just that no one has invented it yet??  On a somewhat related note, I would like someone to invent something that would sort things by color.  Like, for example, I want to make rainbow rice with L, but I DO NOT want it to get all mixed up, because then it wouldn’t be fun anymore now would?  And I am crazy, but not crazy enough to sort colored rice by hand.

License Plate Texting: With all the talk about texting and driving and how awful it is, this idea would never fly.  Maybe 10-15 years ago it would have when I originally thought of it, it would have.  But not anymore.  So anyways, I want to be able to call people by their license plate number.  You see a hot guy in the car next to you?  Just call him!  Some a-hole cut you off and you are pissed?  Just call him and rip him a new one!  The guy in front of you has a brake light that’s out?  Call him!  Genius.

Sample / Variety Packs: A few of my friends have been talking recently about trying a new kind of bottle for their babies because of spit-up, or whatever.  And it dawned on me.  Why can’t you just buy a variety pack of bottles so you can try all of them and figure out what is best for your kid??  This could work for bottles, diapers, pacifiers, etc.  And it would work for more than just baby stuff.  It could work for make-up, deodorant, anything!  And yeah, this idea will never been happening in real life either because companies would never agree to sell things with their competitors.  But they should.

And those my friends are my ideas.  What brilliant, but not realistic ideas do you have?  I want to hear.  I am sure I will love them!

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  1. michelle

    I have totally thought of the license plate texting!! HAHAHA!

    I have OCD too and the play-doh always drove me nuts!

  2. Danielle

    I love the idea of license plate texting! LOL

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