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1. L had a friend over yesterday, so my normal baking buddy was too busy to help.  Luckily, little W stepped right in and happily assisted me.  And was more than excited about it.  The cake pops themselves?  Umm, not so sure about those.  They looked good.
2. I got a Target sale paper in the mail yesterday that came with COUPONS.  Hello Target, I’ll see you soon!  Plus, the 70% off toy clearance is going on.  How can I resist.
3. Check out our pumpkin from the garden.  It’s getting huge.  I think it’s about the size of my head.
4. We made a homemade volcano one night before dinner because well, why not?  L was thrilled that it actually erupted, but was a tad disappointed that the “lava” was not hot.  As a side note, he really liked playing with the play-doh mixed in water.  I gotta remember this for the next rainy day.
5. How flippin big does W look here?  Although he is not overly large (in fact, I think he’s on the shorter / smaller side for his age), he still looks like he’s too big for his bouncy seat ;(.
6. We pass the legendary Miller Brothers every time we go to my parents house and I always tell L about how I used to get ice cream there when I was a kid (turns out my Dad used to get ice cream there when he was a kid too).  This week when we passed it L was like when are we going there?  So we went.  And he fell in love.  And you know what?  It was CHEAP.  $2.35 for TWO cones.  Take that Coldstone.
7. I think W is going to be a Jumperoo kid just like his big brother was.  I think L would still jump in that thing if he fit in it.

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  1. Hilary

    Ohhh so that’s why I saw this woman walking out of Target with a pile high of toys?!

  2. April

    Great pics. W does look really big in that pic!! I love his little smile/smirk!!

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