Paint Filled Balloons ~ A Kid’s Project

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I mentioned the other day that I made paint filled balloons and I got a request to share more information. So here we go. Like all my other great ideas, it was stolen from Pinterest. From here to be exact.

What you will need.

The stuff needed for this project is pretty standard. Cornstarch, water & food coloring to make the paint and balloons (duh). The squeeze bottles were used to mix the paint and to get it in the balloons.

Before the mess.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual making of the paint because it was a mess (as expected). To make the paint, you use equal parts water and cornstarch and add food coloring. I didn’t measure because that would be too much workand I needed to save my strength to blow up balloons. I’ve probably mentioned it here before, but I have the lung capacity of a life long smoker. I cannot blow up balloons. Or blow out candles. Or any of that.   But somehow I managed.  We made various sizes and squeezed the paint mixture in quickly and tied the balloons.

Ready. Set. Throw!

And then the fun started. I used regular balloons (not water balloons) because I thought it would be more fun if they were harder to break.

Everyone got in on it.  B looks a little too intense here.

In reality, this just meant that B threw the balloons super hard so they’d break and get L all covered in paint, but L couldn’t break them on B. Hmm, next time I think I will use water balloons so this is a fair fight.

He loved it.

L thought this was way fun.  I hope one day he realizes just how good he had it when he was a kid!  Actually he likely won’t remember any of it.  Luckily he’ll have this blog to remind him ;).

Just a little paint on the face!

And not only is cornstarch paint fun, it’s easy to wash off.  Both off kids and the driveway.  Super easy. I cannot wait to try this again.  Only this time with more (but smaller) balloons.  And more paint in the balloons. I know I said before I was tired of summer, but projects like these make me want summer to last all year!

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  1. melanie

    thank you soooooo much! this is awesome – cant wait to try it out!!!!

  2. Mom

    You are the funnest mom ever!!

  3. Kara

    Does the food coloring stain the swim suits?

    1. Jennifer

      I have never had an issue. It’s pretty diluted.

  4. liz

    Can I make these in advance or do they have to be made right before the balloon fight?

    1. Jennifer

      I think you could probably make them the night before? Just make sure you shake them up a bit or the paint will settle.

  5. Stacy

    Does the paint Come out of the grass??

    1. Katy

      No you will displease the color gods

  6. Tami

    does the food coloring not stain your skin and hair

  7. Ashley

    does the paint get thicker if you let it sit for a few minutes. I made some sidewalk chalk paint today using cornstarch,water and food coloring but it was really runny. Paint is suppose to be kinda thick. So I was wondering how can you get the paint thicker?

    1. Jennifer

      Just increase the amount of corn starch you are using.

      1. Ashley

        I tried that and it still didn’t get any thicker. I used almost a whole box of cornstarch doing it but it never got any thicker.

      2. Ashley

        Have another question. Once you put the paint in the balloons do you finish filling it up with water or do you just put the paint in there and then blow them up as is?

        1. Jennifer

          I blew them up and then put the paint mixture in. I didn’t add any additional water other than what was in the paint mixture to the balloons.

          1. Ashley

            Ok that’s what I was wondering. Well thank you for answering the few questions I had. I’m going to give it a try today with my daughter and her cousin

  8. Sharon

    Hi! Hoping to try this with the kids. However, we are at an Airbnb for the summer….will it come out of the grass easily? Thanks!

  9. Ranae

    I am planning to have the kids “paint” with water guns! It’s a splatoon party! How much would a 32 oz container of cornstarch make? Just didn’t know how much to buy!

  10. Mackenzie Maggard

    Hey I have a couple questions! I’m wondering how vibrant these colors are and if it would work in water guns too. I’m having a paint fight for my gender reveal and I want awesome pictures to document but I also want it to be fairly easy to get off so that people could stay and eat with us. If that makes sense. I know I can buy goblies from michaels that are made for water guns and balloons but I’m thinking this might be cheaper and get me more colors. That’s a lot of information, I’m sorry.

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