That’s the thing about kids…

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Kids have this way of making of doing things the hard way. Or making things harder for you. I can’t think of a time I took L to the store and ever thought, wow, that was so much easier with him there. Not that I don’t love shopping with him, but let’s be real, it’s not easier to take him than to go alone. It’s more fun to go with him. But not easier. Here are a few examples of the things kids do that makes life just a tad more difficult:

~Without fail, you can ask a kid 1000x if they have to go to the bathroom before you leave the house. The answer is always NO. And then you get to Target and they still don’t have to go. But, after you are halfway done shopping, it happens. “I have to go to potty. Super bad.” Of course you do kid. Of course. I’ll just leave my cart here in the middle of the store and hope it’s there when we get back. But, that’s the thing about kids.
~The kid(s) are being so good. So quiet. So you decide to make those important phone calls you’ve been needing to make. And then? All h*ll breaks lose. All of sudden they need to tell you about the piece of grass in the backyard that’s longer than all the other grass. Or ask a jillion questions that have no real answer like “What would happen if I had a bomb and threw it at the zombies?”. They just want to talk to you while you need to talk to the person on the phone. Oh kid, that’s cool, I have no idea where I just booked that vacation to. But, that’s the thing about kids.
~You are upstairs feeding the WB. Or have just sat down to eat (finally – hours after the kids have eaten) and you hear a little voice “Can you wipe my butt?”. And it’s not like you can ignore it or say no. So you stop what you are doing. And then that sandwich doesn’t look so good anymore does it? But that’s the thing about kids.
~You buy a new couch / chair / sweater / pair of pants / whatever. It’s new and you love it. And then your lovely children vomit / pee / poop / spit-up on it. Oh well, you tried. Just go throw your sweats back on. The same goes for getting them a new outfit. You wanted them to wear a certain shirt for pictures? Ha. Not happening! Because that’s the thing about kids.

What do kids (yours or other peoples) make for difficult for you??

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  1. Amanda

    I’ve created a rule for my children, both for tattling and for interrupting me when I’m on the phone: I ask, “Is anyone bleeding? Is anything broken? Then I don’t want to hear about it.” When I go to make a phone call, I tell them, “I’m going to be on the phone. Unless you’re bleeding or you’ve broken something, do not interrupt me.” It’s mostly effective.

  2. laura sundquist

    my 5 yr. Old loves to wait till I am knee deep in something to start asking me questions… I love your poop comment…..he loves to announce he has too poop and then he yells will you check my butt…. All was well till the first day of school last year and his teacher wrote a note home…. I guess checking butts are not her thing lol… But at the end of the day its worth it!!

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