Friday iPhone Dump 4

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If you feel like linking up and showing off your weekly iPhone pictures grab the button and link-up below!  If not, that’s cool too. They aren’t numbered this week, but you can figure it out!

2013-09-05 1. Well since I took a million pictures of L on his first day of school, it’s only fair that I get to post another one here.  I cannot believe what a sport he was to pose for me.  I only need him to cooperate 12 more times and we’ll be all set ;).

2. L spent the car ride to school the first day looking at pictures of himself AND take pictures and videos of WB.  WB is not a fan of waking up early and spends the majority of the car ride sucking his thumb and wishing he was back in his crib.

3. Most people do haircuts for their kids before school starts, but not me!  And to make it even more entertaining, I took both kids by myself.  At dinnertime.  Good times!

2013-09-051 4. If you don’t have any nets, get some.  We have 2-3 at all times because the boys love them and fight over them.  Target has the best ones, but random gas station fishing nets are also acceptable.

5. School is going well and L is still excited about going every day!  He did awesome buying lunch yesterday and we’ve decided that he’ll be able to do that once a week, which I think will work out well.  B and L both agree that I make a pretty mean lunch , but I know that buying lunch at school is a special treat too!

6. If you missed my post on it yesterday or didn’t see it on Instagram, here is my Caite manicure from the JLH Fancy Box!  It was so easy to do and looks cool!  I have noticed a few beads come off, but nothing major and I am super rough on my nails (snapping kids in and out of car seats it tough).  I would use a top coat next time though, just to kind of lock the beads in.

7. I posted about how great I thought the Figs & Rouge lip balm from my July GLOSSYBOX was and how I wanted to try their hand cream and get this – the people at Glitter Spark Shine (they are a US distributor of the brand) e-mailed me and asked if I’d want to try it.  Umm, YES PLEASE.  I got a package from them yesterday and was expecting one hand cream.  But I got three plus two lip balm tins.  OMG it was like Christmas.  Look for one of each in an upcoming giveaway!  LOVE!

8. When L needed his first haircut I took him to the mall to Carnival Cuts, where they have the special seats that look like airplanes, tvs for the kids to watch, etc.  And WB?  I took him to the salon when L was getting a haircut and didn’t even make a formal appointment.  I’m pleased with the cut and am also glad I didn’t try to do it at home (I seriously considered this).

9. B and I did indeed have a mini date after L’s school thing last night and I loved it.  Totally loved it!

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