A Labor Day Project ~ DIY Anthropologie Letters

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I hope everyone is having (or had) a great labor day! We stayed at home this weekend (the patio didn’t get finished until Saturday) and used it as a chance to get a few projects done. I saw this on Pinterest the other day and wanted to try it ASAP. I mean, I have always loved the Anthropologie zinc letters, but at $18 a pop, that’s a little much for just a plain letter right?

So I went to Joann Fabric and picked up some 12″ letters.  I thought they were the same size as the Anthro ones (and the ones the girl on Pinterest used), but it turns out they are bigger.  Which explains why they were $4.49 instead of $2.50 (ish).  The Anthro ones and the ones from Hobby Lobby are 8 inches.  Joann’s also has 8 inch ones but I liked the bigger ones better.   Oh, I grabbed a can of metallic spray paint from Sears for $2 (it was on sale), so my total cost of the project was just about $20.

Getting started. The IKEA EKTORP box (which has sides) is perfect for these kinds of projects.  Ignore the wet spots.  I didn’t get that the sprinkler was on.
A few coats on. A few coats to go.
All done! Ready to hang.
They really worked to hang this up.
All hung. With the help of B and his laser level.

This was one of the cheapest and easiest projects I have done recently.  It took only the amount of time it takes to use spray paint.  Maybe 20 minutes all totaled?  I am kind of heavy handed when I use spray paint and use way more than a normal person.  In fact, my trigger finger was sore after this.  LOL.  I left them overnight, sprayed one more coat this morning, let them dry in the sun for a few hours and then hung them.  *So far* the double sided tape has held up.  I used nearly two packages because I didn’t want to deal with them falling down.

Because I loved the way these turned out, I bought L-O-V-E letters and am in the process of spray painting (antique white) them and hope to get them hung in the bedroom tomorrow.  I am extra excited about those because I want to hang them vertically and that’s going outside of the box for me.  LOL.

Did you do any projects over the holiday weekend?  Do tell!

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  1. Alysia George

    Those came out great! And it looks like an easy enough project for even me to do, lol! I love the really big letters…now I just need to figure out what word I want to make…

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