Friday iPhone Dump

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1. My boys.  The city.  What’s not to love about this picture.
2. L in his $3.99 swim trunks that we hunted for a long time to find.  I would have probably hunted even longer because he wanted to go in the pool SO bad and how could I deny him?  B’s trunks were also $3.99 and two sizes too big.  It appears that the only men’s swim trunks left in Chicago are XL and XXL.  What, don’t big boys like to swim??
3. WB loves to smile.  At himself in my iPhone.  When riding the train to please your big brother, sometimes you have make your own fun.
4. I don’t know why, but when B wears WB, everyone smiles and stares and him and comments how cute it is, etc.  I mean, I know he looks cute and all, but still.
5. It’s hard to take a good picture with fish.  They just won’t look at the camera.  Oh wait, neither will L.  I have tried to explain to him that it just takes longer if he doesn’t look and smile the first time.  I think he’s starting to understand that I just won’t settle for  a crappy picture.
6. The Woody’s and their weapons.  I arrived home the other night from some errands and my boys started shooting at me.  I was cracking up.  And ducking for cover.
7. We had a few nice days here this week and we tried to take full advantage.  L and Buddy ate L’s snack on the patio one afternoon.  As a sidenote, don’t leave those cheap IKEA tables in the rain.  Bad things happen ;).
8. More nice day fun!  Both boys love wagon rides.  Next summer (without that baby car seat) will be even more fun.
9.  My Dad’s art from Painting With a Twist.  And yeah, there are volcano’s in Detroit.  What, you didn’t know that?
10. When WB isn’t paying attention he can sit up so nicely.  The minute he thinks about it, he topples right over.
11. Isn’t this wig that came with the Madagascar movie hysterical?  My mom got the movie for L and paid the extra $3 or whatever it was for the wig.  So worth it.
12. You don’t see it much and I can rarely get it in a picture, but L has a dimple too.  A super cute one at that.
13. We’ve tried out the sippy cup a few times and it’s a complete fail.  But WB certainly does have fun playing with it.
14. Supplies for our ghost footprint project (see my instagram pictures).  I wanted a black background (do they sell black canvas?), so I just painted it black with some fun black sparkly paint I had (from the Kid Made Modern line at Target).  L is an old pro at getting his feet painted, but WB wasn’t a fan.
15. I actually waited yesterday and let B open the Mantry box himself. Pretty much U should get extra points for that because I wanted to see what was in there SO BAD.
16. And finally, the WB.  Yeah, he can stand and play.  He’ll even do it one handed sometimes.  He’s nuts people.  Nuts.

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  1. Kelsey N.

    Your boys are so cute! I wish I lived closer so the cousins could all play together

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