50% off Target Clearance Deals (Plus Tips & Secret Hidden Clearance)

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Well, it’s that time again. The Target After Christmas Clearance. Right now things are 50% off, which is good, but it’s 90% off time that I love! According to one of my favorite deal websites (slickdeals), clearance hit 70% off on 12/31 last year and 90% off on 1/6. I have NO idea if it will be the same this year or not? But because I cannot control myself and WB (and my mom) insisted, I have been on a few scouting trips. And of course, some stuff landed in my cart! Here’s what I have found.

1. Disney Holiday Matching Game ($2.49 reg. $4.99).  Make sure to look in the regular kids game / puzzle area.  I can easily see these getting mixed up.

2.  Chuck & Friends Diecast Truck ($1.99 reg. $3.99). Again check the regular toy aisle.  There is nothing holiday at all about this packaging and can easily get mixed up.

3.  Squishy Baff ($1.49 reg. $2.99).  These are in smaller boxes than the regular squishy baff’s and come in green and red only.  I saw lots of it in the toy area (look near the play-doh) today.

4. Yo-Yo Ball ($1.99 reg. $3.99).  I am guessing there is a non-holiday version of this as well, so make sure to check for the little reindeer on the package.

5. Mini Holiday Barbie ($2.49 reg. $4.99).  These also easily get mixed in with the stuff in the regular Barbie aisles.

6. Cookies for Santa Plate / Mug: ($4.99 reg. $9.99).  This is clearly Christmas clearance, but I thought it was super cute.  Plus, it’s a huge upgrade from our current plastic Santa plate.

7.  Disney Cinderella Body Mist Assortment ($2.49 reg. $5.00).  I thought these would be perfect to separate and include in party gift bags. They are not holiday’ish at all, so make sure to check the beauty aisles for these!

8. Nordic Wear 24ct. Mini Muffin Tin ($12.49 reg. $24.99).  I didn’t buy this, but I *think* I got the price right?  There were a TON of these sitting on an endcap in the kitchen area, not marked at all.  Something tells me lots of these are going to be left at 70% or even 90% off off because there isn’t anything holiday about them and they are probably going to be the regular aisles.

9. Hot Wheels Holiday Hot Rods 5 Pack ($2.49 reg. $4.99).  I  separate these and use them for gift bags all the time.  I found these hanging by the regular Hot Wheels 5-packs in the toy aisle.  The package is clearly holiday when you look at it from the side, but you might not notice if you just glance at them.

10. Playskool Wheel Pals ($2.49, reg. $4.99).  I saw these in both the regular toy aisle (by the little people) and in the clearance area.

11. Initial Mug ($3.49 reg. $6.99).  I almost bought one of these at full price and now I am so glad I didn’t!

12. Nordic  Ware Kids Bundt Baking Kit ($7.49, reg. $14.99).  Isn’t this set adorable?  Again this was in the regular baking aisle by the other Nordic Wear items.  I hope to find a few more of these at 70% or 90% off to give as gifts!

13.  Batman Figurine ($1.49, reg. $3.00).  Again there is nothing holiday about these at all and I bet you’ll be able to find them in the regular toy aisle!

Then of course there are the polka dot pajamas and Starbucks tumbler I posted about here to be on the lookout for!

And here are 5 Tips for Finding Hidden / Secret Deals:

1. Check the regular aisles. Most people go right for the clearance area. But the regular aisles are where are the goodies are hiding! Be on the lookout for holiday type packaging. Anything with snowflakes, santa, reindeer, you get the idea.
2. Scan. If you aren’t sure if it’s on sale. Scan it. Scan everything. Sometimes the big shelf tags say 50% and it’s really 70%. Or it says 70% and it’s really 90%.
3. Check the areas near the scanners. People take all sorts of holiday stuff to the scanners (like you should) and then decide they don’t want it and dump it right there. No shame in looking through it all!
4. Go Early. Going early in the morning is best because returns from the previous day should be back on the shelf!
5. Don’t Bring Your Kids. I took WB with me today, but when it’s time to really search and hunt, I try to leave the kids at home. They don’t want to roam around Target hunting for deals and it’s much easier to take your time!

Oh, and if it has a red clearance tag, it is NOT part of the holiday clearance (the one that is marked down 50% / 70% / 90% anyways). The holiday clearance I am talking about is unmarked 😉

ETA: I almost forgot, but books, dvds and pajama sets (the ones I LOVE) are NOT part the clearance this year ;(.

Have you been out to the Target clearance yet? Find anything good? I’ll be back as I find more goodies! Happy Shopping!

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  1. Kyra

    I for once actually found some of the stuff you just posted about! I bought the mini muffin pan for $7.49 and the kids baking set (in the regular aisle). I was wanting the initial mugs but didn’t find them and my son refused to let me buy the Squishy Baff! That was all on Wednesday, I went back today and picked up some $1 spot clearance and a kids christmas song cd he insisted he HAD to have.

    1. Jennifer

      Great job! I love that little baking set! Sometimes I just the kids utensils myself…..

      And the squishy baff is fun!

  2. Alice

    I got two bags of those pretzel cracker covered in chocolate things. I am resisting until 70 but my area is really good at clearing out holiday items before then. My best buy today was big glass tumblers for 30 cents in the dollar area and they are made in USA.

    1. Jennifer

      I really hope I can find some good stuff at 70% off!

  3. Jen

    Your Target deals are great! I’m totally going back to look for the Disney body sprays.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! I think they are going to be great goodie bag items!

    1. Jennifer

      I was super excited to find that!

  4. Kristin

    I just may have to try it this year…..it scares me though….haha! I always spend way too much money at Target and never really feel like I’m sure I’m getting the best deal. <————– not a professional 😉

    1. Jennifer

      Give it a try! You can always return it if you move to quickly and buy too much (that’s what I do).

  5. Dani

    The Target I went to yesterday had almost nothing. Today was much better. I scored a big faux fur throw for half off, some dog toys and blanket that I donated, lots of mint M&Ms, and a napkin holder for my party. So fun! Only those flannel sheets escape my grips!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I saw that throw and loved it! I know the dogs would steal it from me though ;).

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