My Favorite After Christmas Sales

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As you totally already know, I love me a good deal. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? I’ve been browsing the after-Christmas sales and thought I’d share a few of my favorite deals!

~Even though I said I was going to wait till Target’s clearance hit 70% off, I caved and went yesterday (when it was 50% off). In my defense, it was my mom’s idea and she told me to go and leave the kids at her house while I went. I picked up some goodies from the dollar spot (coloring packs and glow wands for next year’s goodie bags), lots of rolls of brown craft paper and the infamous white / gold polka dot pajamas. Everything was 50% off. Oh, and I forgot to mention this at first, but the black chevron and grey chevron baby blankets are 50% off too (which makes then $9)!  I already have both, but I bought a super soft black fuzzy blanket from that line for 50% off.  I did discover that the holiday books are NOT part of the clearance anymore, which made me super sad ;(. Also, none of the “good” Christmas pajamas were ringing up as part of the clearance either.

A few deals

~Also while at Target yesterday, I went on a little mission at the in-store Starbucks to check on the Starbucks(R) “Free Brewed” Tumbler, 16 fl oz.  Basically you buy the tumbler and get free brewed coffee every day in January at Starbucks!  The regular price is $30, BUT Starbucks inside of Target’s have them as part of their holiday clearance (unmarked of course).  They are currently 30% off (or $21), but I am waiting for them to get to at least 50% off until I get some!  If you are looking for a late gift for someone that loves coffee, this is it!

~My second most favorite after Christmas sale is the GAP’s kid / baby sale. It’s online (use code: GAP2012 for 25% off and ebates for 7% cash back) and in-store, but 9 times out of 10, it’s cheaper in-store. They have “final sale” items which are always the most amazing deals. I am hoping to make it there today or tomorrow and cannot wait to see what goodies I can find. And I am not sure when they do markdowns, but make sure to check back with your local store because the longer the sale stuff sits, the more it gets marked down.

And finally some other sales I love, but won’t make you listen to why I am so into it.

~Sephora: Sale items are an extra 20% off with code “EXTRA20” now through January 2nd. Lots of great stuff on their website, so make sure to to shop soon!  And go through ebates for 8% cash back. Shopbop is having their annual end-of-season sale and they have a ton of great items on sale. I might try and pick a few things up myself!

~Bath & Body Works: If, for whatever reason, you don’t already have enough lotion, hand-soap and shower gel to last you a lifetime, you’re in luck because Bath & Body Works‘ semi-annual sale is on now! Pretty much everything is on sale, including lots of their Christmas line! Stock up for next year! Oh, and go through ebates for 2.5% cash back!

Those are my favorite sales, but I want to hear yours too! Have you gotten any great bargains lately??

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  1. Kyra

    I got the famous pajamas yesterday too! They weren’t marked at all but rang up half off. The Gap sale was pretty good too! Thanks for the tumbler idea, I think i’ll scope out one for my sister. Bath & Body Works is on my list today for an order, their Shea Cashmere lotion is amazing!

  2. Nancy Wiltshire

    Keep posting those Target deals! You have no idea how much I use your advice on both timing of the markdowns and exactly what to look for. I’m headed there today JUST TO LOOK! We’ll see how that goes!

  3. courtney

    i was bummed….went to target in fl near my parents and the starbucks glass wasn’t on sale at all! 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Really?? Did you have them ring it up to check? They don’t mark them ;). I’ll try and pick one up for you!

  4. Stephanie Bradshaw

    I promised myself that I wasn’t going to go to Bath & Body Works after Saturdays meltdown…but I can’t resist their Semi-Annual sale and I’m headed to Target tonight…Hope I find something good!

  5. audrey

    so I’m dying over the pj’s. i swear if anyone finds them at their target now I will paypal you if you get me a pair and ship them to me. my itty-bitty target is out of them and so are all the targets in Louisville where my mom and sis have been on a mission for me too!

    1. Jennifer

      What size are you looking for?

  6. Clarisse Mello

    I got the Tumbler today rang up $21 with tax.. yay!

    1. Jennifer

      Yay!! I am glad you were able to find it. Enjoy your coffee!

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