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I went on scouting mission to a few Targets today to see if I could find any more hidden clearance goodies. Everything was still 50% off, so I didn’t buy too much for myself (I picked up a few items for friends though), but it did help me determine what Targets I wanted to hit when 70% off / 90% off time happens (fingers crossed it’s 70% off tomorrow).

Here’s what I discovered:

1) Nordic Ware whisks, spoons, cookie presses (reg. prices are $4.99 – $9.99), etc. in green and white striped packaging are all ringing up as part of the Christmas clearance.  They were NOT in the clearance section of any Target I went to.

2) See all those Chuck the Truck toys ($1.99 reg. $3.99)?  Those are all part of the holiday clearance and were ALL just sitting in the regular aisle.  Untouched.  I don’t want 30 of them at 50% off, but at 90% off?  Yes please!  Perfect for gift bags!

3) Remember those Nordic Ware muffin tins ($7.49, reg. $14.99) I posted about yesterday?  I stumbled upon a huge stack sitting on an endcap in the baking area.  I *might* pick one up at 90% off, but even then I’m not sure.  If L lays eyes on it, he’ll want a muffin tin meal in it.  And 24 containers would be so hard!!!

4) I actually bought L this Transformers toothpaste / toothbrush set ($1.49, reg. $2.99) this year, but at 50% off, I bought another one!  There was also a Hello Kitty (I believe) set for girls.  The To/From gift tag on the packaging makes it a holiday item.

5) I love this Crayola DryErase Play Set ($0.99, reg. $1.99) and would go crazy to get my hands on a bunch of these at 90% off!  I found them in the clearance section, but I can easily see these getting mixed in with the normal crayola stuff since there is nothing holiday about them.

6) I never buy the holiday Bounty Paper Towel ($1.99, reg. $3.99), but I know a lot of people do so I snapped a picture. On a side note, how much is a normal roll of paper towel? $2/rolls seems extreme??

7) These Cherokee Chevron blankets ($9, reg. $18) are not part of the holiday clearance, but they are very popular and also happen to be 50% off right now.  They have a red clearance tag, so you can easily spot the price.  I happened to find one of these in a “go back” basket near the dressing room area.  You just never know. (**)

8) These Limited Edition Illume Soy Candles (Large: $5, reg. $10, Small: $2.50, reg. $5) were probably my best find of the day.  The marked Limited Edition all appear to be part of the clearance are come in various scents: Silver Birch, Autumn Harvest, Hollyberry, Nordic Pine, Holiday Eggnog, Heritage Pumpkin, etc.  Make sure to look for the Limited Edition marking on the front!

9) My Target still has a great stock of Starbucks “Free Brew” mugs, so I haven’t bought any just yet.  But I am for sure watching and hoping they stick around!

Have you hit up the clearance?  Found any good deals?

(*) No, I do not care if people think I am nuts for taking a picture of paper towels. I don’t even try to hide it. Yep lady staring at me, I’m taking pictures of paper towel.
(**) Yes. I realize digging through baskets sounds crazy to other people. I find it fun! The thrill of the hunt is the best!
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  1. Cindy

    Hey…do you have to use the Starbucks tumbler at Target Starbucks or any???????? Wondering in White Lake.

    1. Jennifer

      It actually doesn’t work at the Starbucks in target. Weird I know since you can buy it there. It’s good at any Starbucks. Except ones in target. At least that’s how it was last year!

      1. Cindy

        Oh that’s weird but good! Thanks Rambling…lol

      2. A.R

        HI, Were those starbucks tumblers on clearance too?

        1. Jennifer

          Yes. It’s $21. Regular $30.

  2. Breanne

    Hi! Where would you normally find the chevron blankets? When I first read about them, I was thinking they are baby blankets. Is that right or are they found with the other home pillows and throws? Thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      They are in the baby area!

      1. Brent Money

        My baby loves his Chevron blanket, but it just got ruined today. My wife sent me on a mission to find one. If anyone out there has one (new or used), we will buy it from you. Please let me know!!! @ gmail . com

  3. kara

    Great finds! I am loving the toothbrushes and dry erase board! I hope I can find sime..

  4. kara

    Yeah, 70% off!!! I am jealous of how often you get to go to Target!

  5. Hilary

    I hit up Tarjay today and was shocked at the amount of goods left for 70% off! Craziness. I def stocked up for next year 😉

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