70% Off Target Christmas / Holiday Clearance Finds

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Target’s Holiday Clearance hit 70% off this morning and, as soon as, I heard the news, I dashed to my favorite Target to see what I could score.  Here’s my finds:

1. Nerf N-Strike Gun ($1.49, reg. $4.99):  I saw dozens of these in my favorite Target this morning (in the regular aisle).  If I didn’t feel funny about giving other people’s kids guns in a gift bag, I’d be all over these for gift bags.

2. Hello Kitty Mega Bloks ($0.89, reg. $2.99): These are tricky.  You have to look for the exact package I have in the picture.  They cannot say “Series 2” on them.  Also, you have to make sure they don’t have a UPC sticker over the regular UPC code on the package.  The sticker UPC code will be regular price.  The UPC code on the package will ring up on clearance.  If you see them, you will know what I mean!

3. Fuzzy Throw ($8.99, reg. $29.99): This was an impulse buy if there ever was one.  I am not 100% sure if I will even keep it.  But this is the holiday packaging you need to keep an eye out for.  Check the regular aisles for these.

4. Tinsel Trees ($6, reg. $20): I scored these in gold, silver, blue and pink for the photographers that took L and WB’s Christmas pjs pictures.  They are using them as props in their studio and I told them I’d keep an eye out!

5. Pillsbury Frosting ($0.56, reg. $1.89):  If you don’t use the sprinkles, you’ve got yourself some cheap St. Patricks Day frosting!

6. Interactive Story Buddy – Jingle All The Way Book: ($10.48, reg. $34.95): This is the ONLY holiday book I have seen on sale.  The dog is somehow interactive and does fun stuff?  I don’t know too much about it other than the kids will love it.

7. Pillsbury Chocolate Peppermint Cookies ($0.59, reg. $1.99): Tell me these don’t look delicious!

8. Thank You Cards ($0.30, $1.00): I only wish I could have found more of these.  They are from the Dollar Spot and they are so cute.

9. Glad Mini Round Containers ($0.89, reg. $2.99): Another impusle buy.  These were in the regular aisle and were calling my name!  I really want some cheap parchment paper, but ended up finding these instead.

10. Market Pantry Candy Cane Granola Bars ($0.59, reg. $1.99): There are also holiday fruit snacks in similar packaging, but I thought these sounded better.

11. Nordic Ware Cookie Turner ($1.79, reg. $5.99): These are perfect for cookie making!  The plastic ones are too thick, but these are the best!

12. Hot Cocoa Goldfish ($0.59, reg. $1.99): You should be able to find these in the regular aisle.  They are more graham cracker’ish than goldfish’ish and are very tasty.

13. Energizer Flameless Tealights ($3.90, reg. $13): I am putting these in our pumpkins next year!  They will never burn out in the wind!

I also found some of the items I bought at 50% off, so I bought them and will return the ones I bought at 50% off.  Yes, this is allowed.  Make sure to save your receipt.  Or use a different credit card for 50% off, 70% off and 90% off and you can return items with no receipt, which is even easier!

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Like I said, I found LOTS of those items for 70% off too, so make sure to check out the pictures there.  Happy shopping ladies!!!

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  1. Linda

    Nice! Good call on the using a different credit card!! Never thought of that. That would have been helpful when I bought a bunch of summer pool stuff at 50% off, re bought it at 70% and then couldn’t find my receipt from the first time. Good thing we are replacing the pool, because I have LOTS of toys!

    1. Jennifer

      I was hoping someone would understand what I was talking about Linda!!! I have a system. I am awful at keeping track of my receipts, nbut I can remember to use different credit cards. It makes it so much easier. That’s why I never use cash. You can’t return without a receipt!

  2. Dani

    I bought that furry blanket too and cannot wait to use it tonight. The only thing that I bought that was cheaper was a napkin holder (I think) and some dog toys, but I already donated the dog toys yesterday. Not sure if I will return the napkin holder since it is just $2 cheaper and I can probably use both for my party.

  3. kara

    Which Target did you end up going to? I was thinking of heading out to Eastland but don’t want to go if it’s picked over!!

    1. Jennifer

      I went to Eastland. But there was lots of stuff left!

      1. kara


  4. Jessica

    I always scan.. The nordicware 24 mini muffin, bundt pan, cookie sheet, red/green/white mixing bowl set all scanned at 70 percent off, look for the red/white Christmas like label. The Wilton 4 mini loaf pan scanned too. None of this stuff was in the holiday section

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