A Poll: Have You Ever Gotten A Ticket?

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I was cleaning out some paperwork yesterday and I stumbled upon B’s speeding tickets from overseas (Germany and Italy to be exact) and it got me wondering if everyone has gotten speeding tickets / moving violations of some kind or no? I’ve gotten a few in my day, including one for “impeding traffic“. For the record, I was NOT blocking the flow of traffic. In fact, I believe I was assisting with the flow of traffic by going 10 over or whatever ;).  I wasn’t driving, but when we drove down to Florida (from Michigan) for the Final Four one year in college, one of my friends got pulled over for speeding.  However, instead of pulling over, she continued to drive with the police man behind her with his lights on for a few miles.  I am cracking up just typing this.  I was asleep when it all went down (and woke up to an angry officer at the window when she finally did stop), but she said she wasn’t sure if he was pulling her over or not.  BAHAHA.

In addition to breaking the law overseas (*), B has gotten a few tickets over here as well. The most recent being one driving home from the airport after a trip to Europe. He was so tired I don’t even think he bothered explaining to the officer why he was in such a hurry to get home.

Now it’s your turn.  Have you ever gotten a ticket or have you gotten lucky and never gotten caught?  Or do you just never speed?  Or run red lights?  Or do anything crazy?



(*) B has never actually gotten pulled over overseas. Rather, he goes over there, rents a car, speeds and then 6 months or so later we get a registered letter from a foreign country, in a foreign launguage telling him how fast he was going and how much he owes.
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  1. Jen

    I got a ticket for a right hand turn on a red light but thankfully there were no signs so I got it thrown out, woo! 🙂

  2. Lyndie

    I have…last month, actually. I was running late on my way to sing for a charity event which is what I told the cop. He reduced the fee but still gave me a ticket. 🙁 Before that I was driving from Jacksonville, FL to Nashville, TN and I was clocked going 99 in a 65. I think I’m pretty lucky he didn’t take me to jail. Back in the day, I got two in one day…all I could do was laugh, it was so pathetic.

  3. Tori

    I’ve only had 1 speeding ticket in almost 9 years of driving. I may or may not have been going 15 mph over…oops!

  4. Oh man… let’s see…

    I got a ticket for a New York stop (Not stopping at a red light before turning right) I believe I was 17.

    I got a ticket on my 21st birthday after I rear-ended someone… but that was still a BS ticket as someone else caused the accident… I just ended it, lol!

    I’ve gotten two speeding tickets and was pulled over recently for speeding but I think the cop liked me so he let me off with a warning!

    I’ve been trying to stay on my best driving behavior as of late!!!

    1. Shannon

      @Stephanie Bradshaw:

      That’s funny you call it a “New York Stop”. Here in Seattle, we call them “California Stops”

  5. Becca

    I got one for running a red light that was NOT my fault. It was only yellow for like five seconds, I was past the point of no return, and there was a car directly behind me so I couldn’t stop. But they still gave me the ticket anyways. T_T

    I also got one for speeding. I had worked a triple at work and was trying to get home. I deserved that ticket. I WAS going 100, saw the cop, managed to get down to 75 before he clocked me. He said I was the nicest person he’s ever pulled over because I was so willing to take the ticket. Well yeah, if you would have noticed me five seconds earlier I would have lost my license!

  6. Nicole

    So I feel like if I got a ticket in a foreign country I wouldn’t pay it unless I knew I was going back in the near future.

  7. Sally

    I have gotten quite a few tickets, yes indeed.
    Just two last month. Speeding tickets are an epidemic right now in my area. Seems like everyday I hear that someone else I know has gotten one. Boo :/

  8. Alexia561

    I was pulled over once, but think I surprised the cop by admitting I was going too fast when he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. Dumb question if you ask me, but he gave me a warning for having something hanging from my rearview mirror instead of a speeding ticket, so guess honesty pays off!

  9. Shannon

    I’ve gotten one ticket. I was driving my husband car and the tabs had expired. Cop still gave me a ticket though. But the tabs expiring wasn’t really our fault, so we got it throw out in court. But I haven’t gotten a ticket for anything myself.

  10. Brian h

    I have gotten more speeding tickets than I can remember. Seriously. Back in the day a few times some Mt. Clemens cops were nice enought at 5:30 or so in the morning on my way to work to give seat belt tickets instead of speeding. The impeding traffic is a new Michigan favorite. It costs like $50 more than a speeding ticket but the cop and judge pretend like they are doing you a favor because it is a no points violation. Thanks so much for the $180 ticket.

  11. Brian h

    Remember the time a long time ago when your dad got pulled over going UpNorth and coming back? Somehow he didn’t get a ticket as far as I know.

  12. jamie

    I am so surprised at how many people have never received a ticket, I should start driving slower or maybe i am just super unlucky and get caught more than most

  13. Britt

    I got my first speeding ticket while on my way to wedding dress shopping… the picture on it will go into my photo album 🙂

  14. Ashley C.

    Ive only had one ticket — and it was back in college. I was heading to pick someone up at the bus station and was running late, so of course I was going 83 in a 65. Oops. My excuse? “But everyone else was going just as fast … I was just going with the flow of traffic.” I think I even commented on the flow of traffic bit to the officer. He kind of laughed … and I saw why when I pulled away. Probably a good 5 or more cars that I was in with had gotten pulled over at the same spot. Can we say trap?!

  15. Ellen A.

    Of course I have… hasn’t everyone? I got mine driving home from college one weekend and I was almost to my exit for my parents’ house. I was just so excited to be almost home I totally missed the speed limit had dropped. Luckily, I just handed it to dad and I never saw it again. I think it became some kind of non-moving violation and a fee.

    I also got pulled over once for “running a red light”. It was 2am, I was driving drunk people home, it was snowy and icy, and I think the cop was checking to see if I was drunk. The red light I had “ran” was about a mile back and the place he pulled me over was my friend’s apartment parking lot where we were going. When I asked why I was pulled over he told me and I said “what red light?”… lol. The guys in the car couldn’t believe I got off with just a “drive a little more carefully”.

  16. Benjamin

    40 years old, active driver and I have never received a ticket. Was pulled over once when I got my learners, they thought I was drunk, lol. Saw my learners lic and laughed.

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