Where / How did you meet your significant other?

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I thought we already did a poll like this, but I went back and looked at all the poll questions I’ve asked and this wasn’t one of them. So I want to know, how did you meet your significant other? Through friends? Blind date? Match? Do tell!

I’ve probably mentioned it a million times on here, but I met B at the bar. I was out for a friend’s bachelorette party, which honestly, I did NOT want to attend.  Just for the record, she knows this and thinks it’s funny that I ended up meeting my husband that night.  My friends were talking to his friends and then we started talking and the rest is history.

But I really want to hear stories about how / where you all met your significant others.  I never know where people end up meeting other people you know?  Like if I were dating now, where in the world would I go to meet someone?  So tell me your story!!

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  1. Alison

    We went to the same High School but we didn’t really know each other, just knew of each other. I was dating another guy during college for 3 years, graduated college, got dumped. We had hung out during friend’s college basketball game get togethers. I am sure he noticed I was “single” on fb and made the invite for me to come over before his softball game for a bbq then come to the game…. I thought, why not? and we’ve been together ever since.

  2. Alicia

    I had a brother about 2 years older than me. He walked into a store where I was with my mom and my “husband” was with him. He had mentioned to him that he had a younger sister, but he only mentioned our youngest sister, who was 8 at the time! So, when my “husband” saw me, he asked my brother if he could ask me out. My brother said ok and I suppose the rest is history! We dated for a few years and got married shortly after I turned 20 (he was 20 too, almost 21). We’ve been married for 15 years and have a daughter and 2 sons, so I guess it all worked out, LOL!! It’s funny, my mom knew him before I did and was so impressed because he was the only on of my brother’s friends who knew how to change a flat tire. Even my brother didn’t know how.

  3. Sharon

    We met at a local Italian Festival. I didn’t want to go because i was newly single and depressed. A friend dragged me along. I met him when, he sat down across from us on the picnic table. He was wearing an anti vegetarian shirt and I teased him about it because I’m a vegetarian. If he hasn’t worn that shirt we probably would have never started talking. It’s funny how things work out sometimes!

  4. Abby

    I’m 18, so I know this could a little bit not count, but my boyfriend and I have been together over a year and are living together, so all our friends pretty much consider us married. I guess it depends on who you are lol. But N and I met through friends in high school, and when we met, I thought he was just about the dorkiest weirdest off the wall guy I had ever met, and that I wanted to keep my distance. And then he asked me to homecoming, and I had a ton of fun. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, I was still a little iffy, but I decided to take a chance, and honestly it was totally worth it!

  5. Norma

    We met through mutual friends… I was 16 & he was 21. We went on a few “dates” with my best friend & her bf (his friend) but it was never serious because I was “underage”. Went our seperate ways & found each other again in 2005. I ran into him while I was out with friends… He asked for my number & the rest is history. We got married in 2006.

  6. Jenny

    M and I went to highschool together but he’s a year ahead so we didn’t know each other at all. Then my first day in my dorm I was standing in the corridor talking to some other people from HS and he walked by and talked to one of the guys. He was in the suite two down from me and we’ve been together every since. Funny story is that at my spring concert for orchestra my senior year he was there with another friend and we supposedly talked about NCSU for a few minutes. He vaguely remembers talking to someone and the friends that were with us tell us it happened but I have no recollections. hmm who would have thought that we’d still be together 20 years later since we both had such a lasting first impression. LOL

  7. Kristin

    We met at the gym! I worked at the front desk, and he was a gym rat. Funny now, because now we’re lazy & chubby. A match made in heaven.

  8. Tori

    I met my boyfriend at work, sort of. I was working as a waitress at a restaurant/bar. My bf was going to school full time and working multiple part time jobs, including singing in a band that played at the restaurant I worked at. I kind of met him one night when he was playing, but nothing happened then. A month or two later, he started working in the kitchen at said restaurant. After awhile, we both started hanging around after our shifts to see if the other one was going to stick around. Almost a year and a half later, we are still together and so happy!

  9. Lyndie

    My aunt and uncle introduced me to my boyfriend. Ironically, the first time he ever saw me I was in a raging fight with the guy I dated before him which ultimately ended that relationship. 3 months later, we met again and started talking. We started seeing each other casually at first but I don’t share so once I realized I had real feelings for him I told him he had to make a decision: me and only me or no me at all. He made the right decision. haha

  10. Advocarerunner

    I met mine at a bar! I was with my roommate at the time who happened to have gone to college with his roommate at the time. They hadn’t seen each other since graduation and started chatting it up. The hubs and I had no choice but to chat, which led to flirting and phone number exchanging. Our first date was two days later and the rest is history.

  11. Jessika

    I put down that we met at “work” which is true but a funny story. 5 years ago I was working the front desk at a Ballroom Dance studio. We were getting ready for a show and the owner and writer of the show thought it would be fun to have a sword fighting scene in the show. (It was a pirate show) One of the people doing the fight choreography was my future husband. The first thing my boss said to me after she met him is “You should date him” I was like “Who?” By the end of the show everyone had us dating! We stating dating about 3 months after the show, and were married about 2 years later. Our reception was at the studio where we met!

  12. Ashley C.

    Ahhh the joys of Myspace back in the day! I was in college and my husband was stationed at Camp Lejeune. We had two mutual friends [people I went to high school with that he happened to go through bootcamp with] and saw me on one of their pages. He added me as a friend … I wondered who the flip he was. We started talking online there. He went TDY to Iraq for a short mission. Came back and I was seeing someone. A few months later, we were both single, started talking, never stopped and the day after I graduated, I hopped on a plane to meet him. Three days later, we walked into the courthouse. This May will be 5 years. You can call me crazy … its okay! 😉

  13. Jen K

    We met online on a dating site and I said, “I am sorry, I am in another country set to travel more and I can’t do long distance”.
    He said, ‘let’s see’.
    It was so random and yet I moved countries, talked, met… crazy!
    We have been married 5 years now.

  14. Vilanda

    I met my husband at a bar also. I was out having a girls night out and didnt really care to meet any guys that night. He noticed me and approached me offering to buy me and my friends drinks. The rest is history.

  15. Vanessa

    I met my husband at church. We had invited several churches from other cities and in the next state. I thought he was sooo ugly. He had this mushroom hair cut. It was not cute. Lol. His family ended up moving to my town and I started to see more of him. He made me laugh. The more I got to know him, cuter he got. He cut the hair off too. I think we fell in love at a dinner party at my uncles house. We just joked and laughed the whole time. That was almost 11 years ago. We have been married for 8 years. In September it will be nine. Love him more every day.

  16. Tracy

    I found a networking group online and found a happy hour to go to and met my guy there. So…I kinda met him online, lol! My last ex I met through an ex-boyfriend and we reconnected on Facebook 7 years later! My, my!

  17. Laura

    I was at a roller skating party with a bunch of college friends and I saw this guy who was a really good skater. He was trying to teach a girl how to do a double spin and I went up and said that I could do that. We ended up skating the rest of the evening and he walked me home that night. That was the beginning 🙂

  18. Mary

    Mine is kind of unusual…I was shopping with my sister at an outdoors store that I used to work at, and I kept noticing this guy checking me out. He passed by us a few times and then when we left the store, he happened to be walking to his car also. (coincidence–he wasn’t stalking! haha.) As it happens, we were traveling in the same direction and he kept up in the lane alongside me and kept smiling this adorable smile. And then he waved. We pulled up to a red light and I gave my sister a pen and paper from my purse. She ran up and knocked on the window and gave it to him, telling him that it was mine. He texted me less than an hour later. The rest is history!

  19. Erica

    My hair stylist introduced me to her cousin, who is now my husband. We talked for over a month on Facebook messages, but never instant messaging, texting, or phone calls. It was awkward, but I just went with it. He drove 12 hours from Virginia to Arkansas (in terrible winter weather) to meet me while I was off work for Christmas break. After spending 10 days together, I rode back to Virginia with him so that I could meet his parents. I flew (my first time flying alone) back home and started looking for us a place of our own two days before my Christmas break was over. He quit his job and moved here two weeks later so that we could be together…and as they say, “the rest is history.” We have been married for one year and eight months now.

  20. Ginny Millett

    I met my husband at work, we were both in the Air Force. I was unhappily married at the time… I was also getting kicked out of said AF, he had to escort me off base after I turned in all my IDs. We remained friends, but friends turned to much LOVE… We have been together for going on 13 years and married for 8 years. <3

  21. Kate!

    My boyfriend and I met at a wedding… his uncle married my cousin (my bf and I are the same age and his uncle and mu cousin are both 7 years older than us). Well, we didn’t actually meet at the wedding. More like, I spotted him at the rehearsal dinner, thought he was cute, pumped my cousin for info about him, found out he was moving to my city in a couple weeks, planned to try and talk to him by the time the weekend was over, but then he ended up drinking a ton and going to bed early each night before I got up the (liquid) courage. Word got back to him that I was interested and he eventually contacted me on facebook and we made plans to hang out. We went on a date the next week and have been together ever since!

    Now it’s kind of weird because my cousin and his uncle just had a baby, a baby girl who is “our” cousin. She is biologically related to both of us, yet she’s not our child. So weird. For anyone who couldn’t follow, I want to stress, my bf and I are NOT related!

  22. Courtney

    We met at a gas station. I was returning a redbox movie and he was stalking the parking lot for good looking women apparently. 🙂

  23. Courtney

    I still remember you sending me the bachelorette party pix the day after you met ‘B’! 🙂

    I met Tom on eharmony…miracle, after entertaining my dear friends for YEARS AND YEARS with my online dating debacles….

  24. Tia

    We tell everyone we met through a mutual friend. In actuality he was dating my roommate and when she decided to move back home she broke up with him, after she was gone he would come to the apartment to hang out. The rest is history. Bad thing is, I used to tease he because he was 4 years younger than she was……………..he is 7 years younger than I am!! Lol

  25. Jenn

    I met my husband at a bar at Michigan State on my 21st birthday. He was sober, I was not. He walked me home where I promptly threw up on him. I was mortified! He took great care of me. I knew he was a keeper when he called me the next day. We’ve been married 16 years and 2 kids later!

  26. Shannon

    I actually dated my husband’s best friend in high school for three years. I remained friend with my ex boyfriend and we had a lot of mutual friends by that point and we went to the same college, so I actually hung out with my ex a lot. It was less weird than it sounds. Anyhoo, my husband was kind of off doing his thing, so I really didn’t see him much during that time. Then he and his long time girlfriend broke up and he started hanging out with my ex more and so we became friends….and then more than friends. LOL. My ex was our best man! Haha.

  27. I met my soon to be husband on Match.com. We dated once a month three times around the same time, 10/11th of September, November and December. On our third date in December something just clicked between the two of us. His best friend asked if I would be tagging along the next night for a birthday celebration for another friend, I stated “only if I’m invited!” Turned out I was, went out to the birthday celebration and me and my fiance hung out like no one else existed. When I went home that Sunday night with the biggest feeling of butterflies in my stomach, mind you I hadn’t had that feeling in years, I knew I had something special with my soon to be husband. A few weeks later I knew I was in love with my soulmate and a month after that we were unofficialy engaged and now this May we are finally getting married!!!

    My mom always did say you would know for sure when you found the one you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with… I swear I thought that I had found it with other guys I was with, but no, my mom was right, I knew for sure that my soon to be husband was the one I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life, I knew it from the moment of our very first date and the funny thing is, he knew too!

  28. Jessica

    Joel & I met on a dating site… A single parent dating site which shocks everyone bcuz he doesn’t have any kids!! I had ended an engagement about a year earlier, and was in a really bad funk after just learning that my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Needless to say, dating was the last thing I was looking for!! I was on the phone with a girlfriend when the dating site popped up as an fb ad and I went in to “laugh at the cheesy pick up lines”. I filled out the bare minimum info to access the site, and began to browse. Joel’s profile was the second one I saw & I labeled it a a favorite so I could actually read it later bcuz I loved why he had to say (even explaining that he didn’t have children but had always hoped to be a parent and was open to dating someone with kids for that reason). Little did I know, it alerted him that I had marked it as a favorite. He wrote back asking if I had any pics, which I said I’d add the next day. We chatted a bit that night, more the following evening after I posted pics, and again the day after that. Then we talked on the phone, texted and exchanged more photos over the next few days before meeting for lunch a week after meeting online. There was an instant comfort between us and before we knew it 2 hours had passed an we were both late getting back to work! He went out of town for work that weekend, but we still talked every day. The Monday he returned, I called in sick to work bcuz we got horrible news from my dads oncologist. Joel picked me up as soon as he heard and spent the day comforting me, trying to keep my mind off everything. It was that day that I realized he wa different. In the coming months, he was the rock that supported me, my daughter, mom and dad thru the worst, darkest days of our lives. Only a few months of dating and I knew this was the man I wanted to marry. 2 years later, he continues to be my rock, my best friend and everything I didn’t know I was looking for when I logged onto the site 🙂

  29. Jessica


  30. Jessica

    Hiky?! Lol holy moly that was a long post!! Lol sorry, just had to laugh at myself

  31. Lauren

    We met in high school…. one of my very good friends was a guy. I was sitting at lunch with him and a few other friends. One of the girls at the table says, “I have a really nice view of that hot guy over there.” Turns out it was one of the very best friends of my guy friend. We started out as friends, seeing has how my friend thought he was hot. Ended up dated, getting married, having a baby, etc…. that was 13+ years ago we met. Crazy how time flys!

  32. Evelyn

    I met my hubby in college. We were just friend’s.(I thought so) One night when our study group didn’t show up I decided we should go to a hangout spot where u can see the city lights and stars(yes I know typicle make out spot) Well, as we were talking and looking at the stars he leaned in and gave me a kiss.(I was totally shocked) We just celebrated are 8th anniversary. U kno after reading some of how the others met their hubby’s I guess romantic comedies have some truth to them. I always say that would never happen but even mine sounds all cheesy.lol

  33. sara

    I put other because technically we met though a friend….he was dating my friend at the time….so other. :o) My friend and I might not be friends anymore, but hey, can’t mess with love.

  34. Sophia

    My old roommate in college was a civil engineer major and she mentioned that her engineer friends were coming over to see the new place. Me thinking that allll engineers were ugly thought – cool, no need to put on my make up or get dressed.. no one to impress here! Then a bit later I come running down the stairs with REALLY dirty greasy unbrushed hair, no makeup, a dumpy free tshirt and dirty sweat pants .. and then I saw Scott and thought aw fuck – he’s hot and I’m a hot mess. I’m guessing I redeemed myself after the first encounter b/c we’ve been together for 4 years!

  35. Mary m

    Playing laser tag! Lol I was 16, he was 18. Next will be 16 years since we started dating 🙂

  36. Rebekah Ward

    At the grocery store… : )

  37. Tara

    We were in the same circle of friends for 5 years he thought I was a bitch and I wasent attracted. Who knew 10 years later we would be married for 5 years with two kids haha!

  38. Alysia

    We met through mutual friends in high school. The first time I really remember talking to him was at lunch. First we were just friends & I dated a couple of his friends. Then we started dating casually off and on. Then one day, a couple months after he graduated (he’s a year older than me), he stopped by my house to say hi. For some reason, something was instantly different between us & from that moment on we’ve been together. This summer it will be 21 years since that day he came over to say hi, and 15 years of marriage.

  39. Nicole

    I met my hubs at Taco Bell my junior year of high school (we were both eating there not working!!). I was dating his friend at the time who I broke up with shortly afterwards because he cheated on me. Hubs pursued me for a good 3 months before I finally agreed to date him. We have been together for 10 years and married for 5.

  40. Whitney

    I joined the US Navy in October 2009 and my first duty station was in Yokosuka, Japan. Eddie, my husband, was also stationed on this ship. At first he wouldn’t really hang out with because I was new and didn’t have my “blue card” yet (which means I had to be back on the ship by midnight, which is pretty boring when you’re in Thailand or Singapore and the fun doesn’t start until after then). So I never thought we were going to be more than lunch/dinner on the messdecks type of friends. One day I saw him walking through the bar district with two gyros and asked him to come in and have a drink with me. He did, and even share his food. We hit it off and the next weekend he’s asking me to go to the beach with him. Our first date? We went to Red Lobster afterwards, which by the way, is -not- good in Japan. Anyways, That was June 5, 2010. He proposed March 13, 2011 and we got hitched December 23, 2011. Now we have a beautiful baby boy who was born December 6, 2012. I forgot to mention that I pushed joining the Navy for 9 months. Things would be a whole lot different if I would have joined earlier, but I’d never change a thing!! 😀

  41. Jenny

    I put college. He dated a sorority sister of mine, I met him casually as a freshman, remembered thinking he was cute and seemed sweet. His GF broke up with him sometime during the year, didn’t think anything of it. Met again at a party at the beginning of sophmore year and stayed up all night talking. A week later we met for dinner, both of us intending to tell the other we couldn’t date due to his ex being in my sorority…and now we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in June, LOL!

  42. Aimee

    I think I was like 15, my bff just got a new cell phone and I was trying to help her set up her voicemail. I put in the numbers and called, but instead of the voicemail some guy answered… I was like WTF! Called again, same thing. Turns out I mixed her cell # and home#. So being 15 I started texting this mystery man. He had a gf at the time but we became best friends, 4 years later when we were both single we decided to give us a try, and the rest is history! Its crazy to think that I would have never met Brad if I wasn’t a total dummy sometimes!

  43. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    We both worked at the same restaurant. I was the hostess, he was a waiter. Nice, huh.

  44. Melissa M

    I met my boyfriend junior year of college. He sat in front of me in music class and I always borrowed pencils from him on test days because I forgot them (come to think of it he probably hated me then. haha). The rest is history. Weve been together for a year and half now.

  45. wendi

    I met my hubby while on a blind date with one of his friends. My “date” ended up passing out after a bit too much to drink and I fell for my hubby. My “date” came to our wedding and all is well.

  46. Erin

    I don’t have a spouse/significant other any longer (WOO HOO), but I met my children’s father at work. We worked in call center and everyone sat in seperate cubicles…his was 2 isles over from mine. One day while I was on a call I got an email that said..I can’t see much of you from here, but you have the best looking forehead I have ever seen. Sooo lame, but I think that is the moment I fell in love with him. Even though we are no longer together thinking of that moment still makes me smile.

  47. We met at work and were just friends for about a year. We kept it secret for months because we didn’t want to make things weird for our coworkers if things didn’t work out. Some of our friends knew and others suspected something. We didn’t formally “come out” until I left the company 7 months later!

  48. Mary Q.

    I met my boyfriend at college, when we were both orientation counselors for the summer. I was immediately attracted to him and spent nearly every non-work moment with him (and made sure we collaborated on some counseling activities too). Meanwhile, he was clueless and every bit the typical engineer, totally missing all my social cues. How does someone so sweet, caring, and adored manage to do that?! Anyway, at the end of the summer, he thought we’d go our own ways since he was a “busy busy engineering student with no time for dating,” but I was not about to let him. I had a trip back to China before school started again and I Facebooked him while there and arranged to hang out with him during Welcome Week festivities when we were back at school. I never let go and eventually he saw that he DID have time for me and his schoolwork! We’re going on 5 years and just designed the engagement ring. Yup, I like to wear the pants around here.

  49. Ali

    We met at a Speed Dating event during a comic book convention… even though neither of us really reads comics, lol
    It just happened that we both decided we’d give it a try.
    I didn’t even get to talk to him during the speed dating event because it ended just before it was his turn to sit in front of me.
    Luckily, my guy is not shy and came up to me after the event. God knows I wanted to go up to him, but I didn’t have the guts.

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