Friday iPhone Dump

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1. This week was kinda crazy weather wise.  Rain.  Snow.  Melting snow.  Let me tell you, none of it bothers L and Buddy.  Those two are wanting to go outside and play from the minute they ope their eyes in the morning.

2. One of the many muffin tin meals I have served this week.  I probably make five of these a week, so I am getting pretty good.  I specifically buy things at the grocery store just so that I can put them in these meals.  Yogurt covered raisins are a new favorite.

3. Looks like WB doesn’t like what he sees out the window of his house.  L has been showing WB the ropes of the basement toys lately and is very sweet about playing with WB.  It makes me happy to see them play so nicely.

4. Without fail, WB wakes up within 20 minutes of B coming home after school at night.  He’s always so excited to see his Daddy and I think B is happy to hang out with WB after a long day at work / school.

5. Spatula #21 arrived yesterday and it’s possible it’s my new favorite.  I’m going to make a spatula collage one day so you all can see my collection (and talk about how nutso I am).  Maybe I will do the same with my stress animal collection.

6. For whatever reason, L loves the treadmill.  Have I posted about this?  I can’t remember.  He gets tired after walking around the mall for 5 minutes, yet he insists on “running” on the treadmill on a daily basis.  And OMG, he told me that the treadmill needs a stand for his iPad.  I know kid, I know.

7.  I’m not sure what L’s playing / watching, but WB is so into it.  Every once in a while, L has something so amazing happening on that iPad, that WB can’t resist stopping being crazy to check it out.

8. Getting ready to play in the snow!  I could probably get him dressed for the snow with my eyes closed.  And yeah, he has pjs on.  I’m telling you, some mornings it’s out wake up, eat quick and GET OUTSIDE.

9. And finally, there is WB.  Watching his brothers (L and Buddy) outside.  He acts like he wants to go out there, however, if I actually do take him outside, he screams his face off.  He’s more of an inside kid ;).

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  1. Carly

    It is hilarious that you are addicted to buying spatulas. My weakness is holiday or season-themed dish towels. I got out my Christmas stuff and found 10 of them. The kicker is that I don’t actually use them for dishes…nope, I hang them on the stove handle as a decoration. Not sure what I thought I was going to do with 10 Christmas ones.

  2. sara

    Is the muffin tin lunch for both boys or all of you? It looks like fun, but it would have to be for both Mackenzie and I since there’s no way Mackenzie would eat all of that.

  3. Lori

    My kids were fascinated with the treadmill. Not sooooo much for running. They used to pretend it was the supermarket checkout conveyer belt and play grocery store. Sometimes crazy fast grocery store with freaked out cashier and costumers who had to catch all the flying stuff. It was a favorite game for months and months.

    One child also used to use the little toy microwave, with the dinger and rotating inside, as a tiny transporter for his action figures. That still just seems wrong.

  4. Alexia561

    I’m curious about the muffin tin meals too! Looks like an awful lot of food for just one person. Or are they for the entire day? I’m intrigued!

  5. trish

    i want a muffin tin meal!! omg that looks awesome and fun. what a great thing to do!

  6. Lisa

    If L likes yogurt raisins I recommend these: My son is 2 1/2 and absolutely loves the mango and apple ones. I don’t really like the combination of tastes and textures even though I like both dried fruit and yogurt, but he is obsessed with them. I get them at because he loves them so much!

  7. Ashley C.

    I love muffin tin meals. Whats in the slot between the hotdog and animal crackers? Thats the only one I can’t recognize. Do you find there is enough variety to not repeat all the same things each time during the week to make a meal? Or does L not mind, since there is such a variety already? And do you use a regular muffin tin … or a mini?

  8. Lisa U

    oh those boys are so cute! who doesnt love a happy baby!! 🙂
    and those muffin tin meals are genius!!

  9. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Have I mentioned how hilarious I find L?!?!?! The ipad holder for the treadmill comment cracked me up!!! Your kids put a smile on my face everyday…I know if I’m having a bad day I just need to read your blog or look at Instagram and boom, I’m happy again!!!

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