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1. I’d love to know what these two were looking at / talking about??  And WB did a little jumping and is now just as obsessed with the trampoline as L.  And yes, we have a net and pads and all that, this was taking mid-assembly.

2. I suppose there is some good to all these new houses.  New dirt / stone piles to climb on.  But for the record, I would prefer to walk a little farther to get to the dirt piles.  I don’t need them in my backyard!  I think L likes it though 😉

3. WB fits perfect in the dump truck L got for his birthday and not a day goes by that L doesn’t give him a ride in it.  L makes sure to hang on to WB and pushes him all over the place.  WB loves it!

4. It’s possible that this is how L smiled for his school picture and that’s fine by me.  I actually make him practice his smiles for me.  He has one that drives me INSANE. I can’t describe it really, but it makes him looks like he has the craziest bite ever.  He knows it drives me nuts and thinks it’s funny, but he also knows better than to flash it for his school pictures.

5. WB was a little on the crabby side the other night and was up every two seconds screaming.  I think he was playing me though because I’d pick him up and he’d giggle at me and flash me the huge WB grin.  I’d put him down, walk out and he’d scream.  Luckily for WB (and sadly for me), he won that round because I can’t have everyone else in the house waking up at 1am because he’s screaming his head off.  WB 1, Me 0.

6. Why is it that Baxter can’t just lay on the couch?  It has to be a pillow.  Or a blanket.  Does anyone know?  I don’t really care, I just think it’s odd.

7. I like this pile of rocks better because it’s further from our house.  And yeah, I let L play on the dirt piles on every walk we go on.  I would never say no.  He loves it too much!

8. This us from WB’s birthday, but I love it and had to share.  It blows my mind every day that someone so little can have SO much personality!!

9. Every so often I will come upstairs at night (I go to bed way later than everyone else) and find these two sound asleep.  They both sleep like rocks which I am so jealous of.  I wake up if I hear a pin drop!

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  1. Crystal D

    Muggles is the same way. He prefers to sit on blankets that are folded up or on his pillow pet. haha. My spoiled boy!

  2. Gyps

    I love that you can see so much personality in WB’s pictures. He’s got to be such a fun lil guy. Awww, I love when kids do full teeth smiles like L’s.

  3. Rebekah

    You have such a lovely family!!

  4. Alexia561

    If Baxter could talk, he would tell you that pillows and blankets are more comfortable! When I had dogs, they always wanted to lie on pillows. Too cute! And the reason that you’re such a light sleeper is because you’re a mom. It’s so you know if anyone in your family needs you, and is one of your superpowers! 🙂

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