Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~So this afternoon is WB’s Smash the Cake pictures. And can I just tell you I am dreading it? It’s not the actual pictures themselves I am dreading. That will be easy. If WB screams, he screams. I have no control over that part. It’s the picking up the cake, getting balloons and then getting everything to the studio that I dread. Thank goodness L will be there to help. And speaking of L, here are a few of his Smash the Cake pictures. He was quite good at it ;).

~Word on the street is that Birchbox is launching their 2nd special edition home box today (just go to the Home shop). It’s $32, but if you spend $35, make sure to use the code “corebamboo” to get two free sets of bamboo cutlery! I’m going to bite!  I mean seriously, how cute is that knife?

Birchbox Home
Birchbox Home

~OMG, these Teen Mom girls have been CRAZY lately.  Crazy.  Lets start with the craziest of the crazies – Farrah.  Farrah has made a porn with an actual porn star so that she could look back on her “best year” when she is older.  Umm.  Okay?  Most people just, umm, would take a cute picture?  Not Farrah.  Oh and FYI, she’ll release her personal tape for a couple of million if you are interested.  Oh Farrah.  And now on to Jenelle.  Where do I even begin?  She’s back with her husband (and even supported him in court when he faced charges for assulting her), admitted to being on heroin, is fighting with the Buckwild people and so much more.  And you know what, you can see it all go down on twitter.  Why can’t I look away from this train wreck???

~I am still expecting Birchbox, ipsy, Love with Food, The List (by I-ELLA), My Ireland Box and that might be it this week?  Oh wait, my Kiwi Crate has shipped, but I probably won’t get that this week.  Hopefully I can get all caught up on reviews by this weekend.  A lot of people have asked why all boxes I get every month, so I think I am going to work on a post which shows all the boxes I get or have gotten with links to the reviews.

~And finally, I am SO SORRY there wasn’t a search button on here.   All this time I have been happily searching away and you guys have probably been super annoyed you can’t find what you are looking for ;(.  I suck!  But it’s there now, so search away!

Here’s what I see.  See that magnifying glass in the corner?  I thought everyone could see that!!!

Allright, now it’s your turn to share your thoughts!  Link-up so we can all read what’s on your mind today!

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  1. Shannon Dew

    awe chubby baby L! GAH such a cutie! I can’t wait to see WB’s pics!

  2. Alexia561

    Never knew you could have professional smash-the-cake pictures taken! Very cool idea! We always just put the cake in front of the kid during the party and take our own pictures. One of my nephews was so gentle with the cake and just stroked the frosting with one finger, while the others all grabbed handfuls. Looking forward to seeing WB’s pictures!

    Have you received a shipping email from Love With Food? They were supposed to ship yesterday, but I haven’t received an email yet and there’s nothing on the site. Looking forward to seeing what Andrew Zimmern chose for his box!

  3. Jessica R.

    I love smash cake photos. We had just moved to Kentucky and were staying in a hotel when Owen turned one so we just bought a sheet cake at the local grocery store and I took pictures of him “smashing” it in the hotel breakfast room. I can’t wait to see WB’s. And that Birchbox Home box looks fun. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Kristin

    I cannot wait to see the smash the cake pictures!!!!!

    I loved Farrah’s mom’s response too, “my baby would never do that.” Um. Her past actions have really been responsible and mature, yes?

    A friend posted her ipsy box yesterday, and it had great full size stuff and the cutest makeup bag! I canceled my birch box, because I didn’t really like EVERYTHING they gave me. :/ but the home box looks pretty promising!

  5. Carly

    Is it weird that I saw a giant display of brightly colored and printed spatulas at Meijer and thought..Jen from the blog (like Jenny from the block, lol) would love these!

    I think it might be a little weird.

  6. Angela

    Ooh that Birchbox home box looks good…thanks for hosting the link-up Jennifer 🙂

  7. Meredith

    I’ve been able to see a search box for awhile now, it’s between the newsletter subscription and your Instagram pictures

  8. Shelby

    OMG FARRAH. Wtf is wrong with these girls?!?!?!

  9. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    I stopped watching Teen Mom a few years ago. But if I remember correctly, Farrah was one of my favorites. I’m so disappointed. Yet, somehow not surprised. On a brighter note – I’m so happy you have a search button. I was looking for one on your site a couple weeks ago. That cracks me up about the magnifying glass because I’ve done the exact same thing. Good job! 😀

  10. michelle

    What fun!!!!! Glad I could link up for today!!! Off to check out the other Thoughts for Thursday!!!!!

  11. Rose D.

    The box is $37 with shipping ($32 box + $5 shipping). SO EXCITED!

  12. Clarisse

    I just ordered my birchbox home!! excited and glad the price went down from the past one, plus I used points. Can’t wait to see the smash the cake pictures!!!!!

  13. Jessica Spaulding

    I got my ipsy bag yesterday! It was my first and I am pretty happy with it!

  14. Jen

    Awww so cute! 🙂

  15. Alena

    Oh, i totally ordered the Birchbox Home! I can’t wait! It looks great!! I love smash the cake pictures (had no idea people even did this when molly was 1-which was only a year ago! where have i been??)

  16. amanda

    LOVE L’s smashcake pics! He was a cute chunky monkey! My baby girl has similar rolls 🙂
    LOVE the search button. I used it yesterday – I remembered reading about your bass string bracelet and couldn’t remember where you had gotten it, if it was from the company directly or from a sub. box. I did have some issues with the search feature, because I typed in “wear your music” and all sorts of other things came up. BUT I did eventually find it 🙂
    So, I ordered the bass bracelet for my hubby for his 40th. Do you have a suggestion if I were to order 1-2 sub boxes for him? I was thinking maybe the birchbox man (since you said B loves his?) and maybe one of the “kinky” ones 🙂 Let me know what you think? Thanks!!

  17. Lauren

    I can hardly wait for the smash the cake pictures of WB! And I love those smash the cake pics of L. Too cute!

  18. Sophia

    L is ADORABLE!! I love the middle picture. Saw on instagram that WB’s didn’t go as smoothly? <3 them!

  19. Joi

    Where do I type in “corebamboo” ? I entered it in the coupon codes and got an error.

    1. noemi gibson

      @Joi: same here. Anyone know?

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