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I am, once again, linking up with Ashley and Neely for today’s Sunday Social.

1. 1 year ago I was doing…
Gosh, about the same thing I am doing now.  WB was only 4 weeks old, so I was adjusting to life as a “retired” (aka stay-at-home) mom of two.  Going from Corporate America to staying home is quite an adjustment, but it’s for sure a good one!  I had this blog a year ago, but my love affair with subscription boxes hadn’t started quite yet.
2. 5 years ago I was doing…
Now, 5 years ago, I was working full time and I was exactly 38 weeks, 6 days pregnant with L.  How do I know this?  Because his birthday is TOMORROW and he was born at 39 weeks.  I got induced and like a moron, I worked right up until the day I had him.  Like I worked till 3pm and went to the hospital at 6pm.  And then had him the next day at 9am.  Hard to believe that I’d not yet met L 5 years ago today.  I knew him, but I was still waiting to meet him.
3. 10 years ago I was doing…
Wow.  10 years ago I didn’t even know B.  I was 25, single and living in my old condo.  Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what I used to do back then.  Work?  Go to the bar?  Sleep?  Relax?  I didn’t enter contests back then.  I didn’t have a blog back then (did blogs even exist), so I don’t know what I did.  A whole lotta nothing I guess?

4. 1 year from now I’ll be doing…
This is a darn good question.  Hopefully  I will be doing the exact same thing I am doing now, maybe with another baby on the way?  Or if we decide two is our number, then it’ll still just be the four of us.  We have no plans to move or do anything exciting, so I’m just hoping for more of the same.  I plan to still be blogging and hope people are still reading!

5. 5 years ago I’ll be doing…
My life plan doesn’t go this far out.  LOL.  L will be 10 (OMG), WB will be 6 and I will be just about to turn 40.  Wait no, I will be about to turn 41.  Does anyone else forget how old they are??  I always get confused and have to stop and think.  It’s possible that in 5 years I could be back working full time (doing what I don’t know), but I don’t really want to think about that.  If we have another one, I’d hope I’d still be at home with him (I’m sure it would be a boy).

6. 10 years from now I’ll be doing…
I can’t wait to read everyone else’s thoughts on this.  Does everyone have a plan on where they will be in the next 10 years?  Not me. I hope that B and I are still married (listen people nothing’s certain), my kids are happy and healthy and that’s about it.  I also hope that Baxter and Buddy are still around.  Every time I take the to the vet (including a few days ago), he likes to inform me that they are getting older.  And I want to cry.  Baxter will be 17 in 10 years.  17!!!  I am hoping that little dog lives still he’s about 27…….

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  1. Tasha

    Hi, I’ve been following you for a few days now. Love your blog and this one really made me think.

    I’ve never thought 10 years into the future either. I’m the “live in the present, live to the fullest” type of person. Maybe I can be optimistic though and say that 10 years from now I’ll have started a successful business, what kind, I wouldn’t know yet. Maybe something in fashion, though my sewing skills are seriously lacking. Probably should work on that. I hope to have my own little one by then too and be married to my current boyfriend, otherwise I’ll be 33 with a dreary looking personal life, lol.

  2. carol

    These are great questions. I believe they may take more time then I have right now. I’m going to think hard about them which is great because I should have some idea what I use to do and what I plan to do LOL I’m 47 so my memory sucks. But I’ve been married 20 yrs so most I my stuff includes my SO.

  3. carol

    I’m thinking, still, about this lol

  4. Jen

    I thought about doing this one but when you factor in the Army haha it makes it tough.

  5. Jackie

    This Sunday Social freaked me out a little haha. I was like, ack I don’t know how I feel about the next 5, 10 days, let alone 5-10 YEARS. Especially since I haven’t exactly lived up to my own expectations for myself at this age.

  6. Debbie

    Happy Mothers Day Jennifer, I hope you will still be doing your blog. it always makes me smile… I’m 49 with three teens, dad only visits with with two. so in 1 yr i pray that he gets better as a dad. I also hope i will feel ready to start dating again. ( that is so scray) In 3 yrs i would like to be in love and that my three beautiful kids with be happy with themselfs and headed towards thier path in life, and i will be finished with school..Yahhh Hope you have a great day. Debbie

  7. Jill

    I ALWAYS forget how old I am.

  8. Mary Q.

    I love these prompts! This is a fun way to reflect on your life and I’m also always so interested in hearing about the back stories of bloggers. Like, how did you decide to leave work? What was your career path before? Totally curious.

    Ha! I totally forget my age too. It’s funny how it becomes less and less important over time.

    Here’s my belated Sunday Social. Just couldn’t resist joining in for this one. 🙂

  9. Crystal

    I love your answer to #4.
    I hope one day I’m content with my life also.
    It’s nice to hear (read) about people being happy.
    I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!

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