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Dear H&M, OMG finally. We can finally shop online. I can’t believe it has taken this long, but I am happy to have you.

Dear L, I hope you are enjoying up-north! I know it’s not the same without your bestie G up there, but we’ll be there soon and we are pretty fun too ;).  Well, I am.

Dear IKEA, Thank you for the catalog you mailed me yesterday. I got a pile of mail yesterday. But you were the biggest surprise of it all and it made my night.

Dear Target Toy Clearance, Don’t be offended, but I am ignoring you. Not happening this year. I do not NEED any more clearance toys. No I do not. My kids may disagree, but I don’t care.

Dear Buddy, You have been so weird lately.  I don’t know what is going on with you sleeping and laying around all the time now (like Baxter does), but it’s freaking me out.  Unless running around like crazy for the last 6 years straight has finally caught up with you?

Dear Construction Crew, You sure do love listening to the radio in the early morning hours don’t you?  It was so loud the other morning that I was certain it was my alarm going off and kept hitting my iPhone to make it stop.

Dear Schwan’s Man, Thank you for randomly stopping by my house the other night even though I didn’t place an order.  I totally spaced on ordering by the deadline and was dreading telling B about it.  I owe you one.

Dear My Headache, Go away already.  I have things to do!

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  1. brandy

    OH DANG! i forgot to go to target yesterday. as soon as the littles will stuff food in their faces (why does it take so long?) i am going!

  2. Alison

    Thanks for the letter to H&M! I didn’t know that you can finally shop online there now…. and why did it take sooo long. Also, why doesn’t victoria secret have a clothing STORE?

  3. Jen

    Oh I love IKEA, I wish we had one closer to us.

  4. Jenny

    I’ve been to target twice now. I was hoping to put stuff up for later but the one I went to last night didn’t have much however I did get some Imaginext planes for $3.77 so I was happy. We got the 3 they had. Then today I had the boys with me and I was just going to kindof look since how can you go into Target and not look at the toys;) and N was mom look so many things are on sale. LOL He had spotted the clearance tags. I let them each pick something and then we got some things for gifts and a rainy day however a couple of my items did not ring right. They have multiple stickers and still rang up wrong. I set them aside with the receipt and said we had to take them back for and adjustment before we can play with those.

  5. Janice

    This is why I love your blog. I wouldn’t have known for weeks that H&M had shop online available otherwise. Woohoo!

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