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1.Remember how I needed advice about cleaning out stroller?  After I got fabulous tips (I ended using a magic eraser and oxy clean spray), I enlisted the boys to help and we got to work.  The boys good helpers those guys!

2. Baxter is also a good helper!  I had to put away some of WB’s laundry the other afternoon and he was NOT having it.  A quick visit with Baxter in his crib calmed him right now.  Baxter gave me a dirty look, but he took one nicely for the team.

3. We spend a good portion of our time outside these days hunting for butterflies.  It’s a big deal.  Even WB trys to get them!

4. Another day, another lunch!  Tuns out Jello is a huge hit!  I’m going to fancy up his jello for next week ;).

5. My mom watched WB one day this week and she texted me this picture of him.  Such a big boy eating his mac n cheese with a fork!

6. Aww, L.  The nursery rhyme show was yesterday and the kids did SO good!  They sang 7 songs and flat out nailed them all.  I wish they did these shows every month.  So entertaining!

7. Won’t be long until he’s really going across!  He tried to pull his body up over the top of the bar! I think he wanted to get up there and crawl across!

8. OMG.  I die.  L was in WB’s room when I was getting him ready for bed and offered to read WB a bedtime story.  Cutest thing ever.  WB never sits still for me.  But if L is there, he’s happy just to be sitting and talking to L!

9. I FINALLY got my Haute Look order from a few weeks ago and we are LOVING this reward chart from Melissa & Doug.  L is so into it.  And it’s all magnetic so it requires no cleaning or anything crazy.  I couldn’t be happier with it!

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  1. Kate!

    How is your comment about #6 not about how L is surrounded by girls in that photo! What a cutie his is!

  2. Jen

    Oh I just love Baxter. 🙂

  3. Jenny

    Oh I think we need a reward chart. We’ll see how we do with out first track out and how bad it is. LOL

  4. karen

    The first thing I saw was Lucas surrounded by girls and they both look so into him and he was playing it cool. What would you do without those dogs. They are play buddies, part times babysitters, floor cleaners and alarms all wrapped up in cute, furry packages.

  5. Nicole Arredondo

    So I went to Target last night on the hunt for the lunch case and to no avail but I did get this accept it was a bumble bee it was on super sale half off. It was for me I know kid at heart. I will go to another Target to find the lunch stuff #determined. I love the pictures and its the same for us if we were to sit and read that wouldnt happen but if big brother does it its like god sitting their.

  6. Lauren

    That picture of WB and Baxter is so cute! Is he good with your dogs? My daughter is so mean to our puppy! We’ve been working so so hard on making sure she’s good with him and she’s pretty abusive. Luckily he’s 75lbs right now and doesn’t even realize she’s being mean to him.

  7. Kimberlee

    which reward chart is that one? I really like it myself!

    oh, and L totally looks like a little ladies man in the making in that pic 🙂

  8. Debi B

    #6 is just way too cool…working the girls LOL

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